For as difficult as it can be to gauge who might be available when the Penguins select in the first round, it’s about thirty times harder to do so when your team is picking at 77 overall.

However, we combed through our lists to provide some key names that might be available when the Penguins (barring another trade) finally step to the podium to make their first selection.

Adam Tambellini – Center – Surrey (BCHL) – 6’2 – 169lbs – Shoots L – Nov. 1, 1994

The son of Steve Tambellini has a rich hockey history in his family that has developed him into a well-rounded power forward. Tambellini’s stock has continued to rise all year, so his availability for the Penguins could come into serious question by the time they make their first selection. Tambellini is a long, choppy skater, has an above-average compliment of offensive skills, and makes his mark with his relentless approach to the game offensively. His vision and heads up style of play make him a threat to get to the net and distribute the puck effectively. His wrist-shot has been consistently refined as he’s grown older and he scores a ton of goals with it. A commit for the University of North Dakota, Tambellini would be a welcome addition to a shallow offensive pool. While his frame will need to improve to effectively play his style at the next level, the investment could be worth it if Tambellini is available when the Penguins make their 77th overall selection.

2012-13 BCHL Statistics (Aggregate): 62GP – 36G – 30A – 66PTS – 8PIM

Hudson Fasching – RW – USNTDP – 6’3 – 213lbs – Shoots R – July 28, 1995

A young man in a grown man’s body, Hudson Fasching is in the vein of a power forward. A skater who’s movement might remind you of Jordan Staal, Fasching is an extremely mature young man who has big heart and great character. A future NCAA asset, Fasching has a nose for the net and a decent compliment of offensive capabilities. Defensively, he’s far ahead of many of his peers. Fasching needs to learn how to put these tools together for a total package and he can be difficult to project in terms of player type. Again, a situation where an investment could potentially come in handy, as Fasching has all the tools to make an impact at the next level, and has the size to be a valuable assset down the road. One thing is for certain, you cannot call this young mans commitment to the game, his family, and his convictions into question. I think that translates itself onto the ice.

2012/13 USANTDP Statistics: 65GP – 11G – 25A – 36PTS – 58PIM

Spencer Martin – Goaltender – Mississauga Steelheads (OHL) – 6’2 – 190lbs – Shoots R – June 8, 1995

Spencer Martin is an extremely large goaltender that takes up a lot of the net and plays a very aggressive butterfly style. Martin was the lone bright spot in a very low scoring team that struggled in many areas. Martin’s ability to take away the bottom of the net and play an aggressive, top of the crease style is an attractive quality to any scout. However, live by the sword, die by the sword, Martin can lose himself side to side occasionally and has faulty rebound control occasionally. His mentality is great, he seems to rebound from goals well, and he always steps up to force the shooter into making the wrong decision. The bottom of the net is owned by Martin and his glove hand is flashy as well. With his size and mentality, Martin could be the big goaltender the Penguins would be well-served to invest some time in. I’ve not advocated for the Penguins to draft a goaltender in previous wish-list’s, but Martin’s attitude and his aggressive approach make sense for a team that has a shallow goaltending pool.

2012-13 OHL Statistics: 46GP – 17-21-4 – 3.02GAA – .906% – 0SO

Nick Moutrey – C/LW – Saginaw (OHL) – 6’2 – 208lbs – Shoots L – June 24, 1995

Moutrey is a large semi-truck of a forward that uses his body with an acute effectiveness and has a strong north-south game. His skating is a big of an eyesore but has drastically improved over the course of the last two years. His offensive skills are adequate at best, but his willingness to play an ugly game garners him a lot of opportunities. Moutrey makes a killing in front of the net and is a presence in the crease. Moutrey made a killing with quickier linemates this year, but could develop into a fairly rugged power-forward that gets the job done in the garbage areas. Draft rankings have him across the board in this area, but you might see him be the best player available at 77 overall. His versatility in the offensive zone make him an investment worth making, and Moutrey might have the shortest wait time to the NHL of any player on this list.

2012-13 OHL Statistics: 65GP – 16G -27A – 43PTS – 44PIM – +2

Gustav Olofsson – Green Bay (USHL) – D – 6’2 – 185lbs – Shoots L – December 1, 1994

Swedish-born Gustav Olofsson is your typical Ray Shero type defenseman. A fluid skater with great mobility and a strong two way game, Olofsson can contribute to every end of the ice. His strength didn’t make much of a difference at the USHL level, but he’ll have to get himself bulked up as he prepares for the next step of his career at Colorado College. A long term investment, Olofsson would be another in a long line of mobile, two-way defenseman that would serve to bolster an organizational strength. The upside here for Olofsson is the seemingly untapped offensive potential that he exhibited prior to his arrival in the USHL.

2012-13 USHL Statistics: 63GP – 2G – 21A – 23PTS – 59PIM – +11

Stay tuned for our upcoming draft guide.