42. Anton Karlsson – LW – Frolunda (SuperElit) – 6’1 – 194lbs – Shoots L – 8/3/1996

I have Anton Karlsson ranked lower than he should be here, but it’s mainly because my viewings of him weren’t as extensive as I’d have liked them to be. However, I can tell you that Karlsson has the makings of a strong, jack of all trades winger that can play in the tough areas and has a great, easy style of skating. Karlsson is a force in all zones and has great anticipation of the play. His strength appears to be in need of some bolstering and I think his overall top speed will and needs to improve. His shot is effective and he has a very adequate set of offensive tools. If we’re just to judge him off the WJC, he has a high potential for success and could also develop into a strong leader.

2013/14 SuperElit Statistics: 28GP – 12G – 10A – 22PTS – 88PIM

42. Ryan Donato – C – Dexter (HS) – 6’0 – 174lbs – Shoots L – 4/6/1996

Ryan Donato is an elite offensive talent. He has the ability to thread passes through impossible lanes, dangle through trouble, and has a high level snipe ability from any area. Donato has the ability to seemingly slow down time on the ice and create offensive by controlling pace. Overall, his skating needs to improve, especially his lateral mobility, but Donato has the physical tools and the x-factor offensively to make him a worthwhile project. Donato was the leading scorer in all of New England last year and will attend Harvard University to play for his father, former NHL’er Ted Donato, this coming year.

2013/14 HS Statistics: 30GP – 37G – 41A – 78PTS

43. Vladislav Kamenev – F – Metallurg (KHL) – 6’2 – 176lbs – Shoots L – 8/12/1996

Vladislav Kamenev made his KHL debut this year, and while the numbers he posted weren’t earth shattering (I’ll list his MHL stats below), he also didn’t get much ice time. But World Juniors will tel you that Kamenev has a large amount of North American to his game. He’s a good skater with a good drive low and a penchant for protecting the puck in the tough areas of the ice. His shot is average and is not all that electric but he sees the ice well and can effectively distribute the puck. Kemenev needs to calm his game down as he is prone to taking poor penalties. He needs to add more weight to his frame, but he has the right mindset to translate his game to the next level, and to North America specifically.

2013/14 MHL Statistics: 15GP – 4G – 6A – 10PTS – 12PIM – +10

44. Brett Pollock – C/LW – Edmonton (WHL) – 6’2 – 183lbs – Shoots L – 3/16/1996

Brett Pollock is a player I had the privilege of watching via paying close attention to Penguins goaltending prospect Tristan Jarry. Pollock is the definition of a major riser in this draft and for good reason. I think he deserves to be ranked much higher than he is in certain places. Pollock is a skilled center that can also double at the left wing. His hands are elite and his inside-outside ability is top notch. His shot as good form and his playmaking has seen vast improvement year over year. His best work is done in the boards and he’s an excellent asset at elongating possession in the offensive zone. Pollock has some improvements to make defensively and I think that the Oil Kings hid him in some important situations because of his awareness in his own zone. His skating stride is long and powerful and although his top speed and lateral movement need work, these elements should improve moving forward. If he can continue to get stronger in the lower body and improve his skating he projects as a talented power forward. Pollock was an absolute monster in the post-season for Edmonton and exhibited all the qualities that give the indication that he has an extremely high ceiling.

2013/14 WHL Statistics: 71GP – 25G – 30A – 55PTS – 36PIM – +18

45. Jayce Hawryluk – C – Kingston (OHL) – 5’10 – 190lbs – Shoots R – 1/1/1996

Jayce Hawryluk is an electric, two-way forward that plays much bigger than his size would indicate. He has an electric set of hands and an extremely effortless skating style. His shot isn’t what you’d refer to as deadly but it’s extremely effective. His hands and vision are his best assets offensively. He really improved his mental game this year, providing leaps and bounds defensively as well as from an overall approach. He’s developing into an in-game specialist and can be put in any situation. He’s a “side-saddler” defensively as he hooks up with his assignments but can get lost from time to time. Hawryluk needs to bulk up, he also had a medical issue that caused him to pass out and be hospitalized this season that has driven his ranking down.

2013/14 OHL Statistics: 59GP – 24G -40A – 64PTS – 44PIM – +16

46. Jack Glover – D – USNTDP – 6’3 – 190lbs – Shoots R – 5/17/1996

Jack Glover is a big, rangy, smart defenseman that has a modern day NHL feel to his game. His mobility is top notch for a player of his size, but perhaps the most frustrating aspect to his game is he doesn’t take advantage of the size he boasts. If he can bulk up and continue to add a physical element to his game, I would expect him to increase his ceiling exponentially. Glover plays the game safe and there’s a lot to be complimented in that. He’s capable of joining the play and has a good first pass. He’s committed to the University of Minnesota for next season. The way he moves and plays the game hearkens to Matt Niskanen for me. His hockey IQ is his best asset and he’s an extremely effective player primarily because of his decision making.

2013/14 USNTDP Statistics: 59GP – 2G – 26A – 28PTS – 30PIM

47. Connor Chatham – RW – Plymouth (OHL) – 6’3 – 225lbs – Shoots R – 10/30/1995

Connor Chatham is an extremely big man that isn’t a deficient skater, which is a giant bonus for someone of his stature. His attitude and work ethic are that of a power forward. He’s an excellent possession player who has an adequate set of offensive tools. No aspect of his skill set is enthralling, but his physicality makes him an effective player. He needs to make improvements defensively and play with a greater sense of responsibility. If he can round out his game and begin to increase his on-ice awareness, he projects as a pot-stirring, power-forward.

2013/14 OHL Statistics: 53GP – 13G -18A – 31PTS – 51PIM – -17

48. Spencer Watson – RW – Kingston (OHL) 5’9 – 170lbs – Shoots R – 4/25/1996

Spencer Watson is one of the drafts best shooting technician’s available. He fits the role of pure sniper and his shot is among the best that his peers have to offer. His skating is quick and he can make himself elusive. Watson stalks the open scoring areas of the ice and has a wrist shot with a brutal release, pinpoint accuracy, high velocity, and is generally deceptive in nature. The main issue with Watson is his size, he can be bullied in the boards and while his work ethic isn’t in question, he does struggle in the tough areas and can lean to a shot first mentality that prevents him from maintaining possession. His defensive game also needs work. All in all, this is a project that has a high risk and high reward. You simply cannot teach players to shoot the puck the way Watson is capable of shooting it.

2013/14 OHL Statistics: 65GP – 33G – 35A – 68PTS – 16PIM – +31

49. Brycen Martin – D – Swift Current (WHL) – 6’2 – 185lbs – Shoots L – 5/9/1996

Brycen Martin has the unfortunate pleasure of playing behind one of our top ranked prospects at defense, Juluis Honka. That, coupled with the fact that Martin plays an extremely effective but low key game, make him a forgotten about prospect. But make no mistake about it, Martin is a player capable of playing in all situations and has a very unassuming approach to the game until you key in on all the great things he does to improve his team’s play. He’s an effective puck mover, controls a fantastic gap skating backwards, and has a very safe approach to the game. He’s prone to inconsistency issues that portray themselves as defensive lapses but I think might be more effort related than anything. Martin has a great frame but needs to use it more as he progresses forward. Overall, this is a young prospect that does a lot of things well and is quietly effective. He is also an excellent power-play specialist and has the tools to contribute in many facets on the man-advantage.

2013/14 WHL Statistics: 72GP – 6G – 31A – 37PTS – 42PIM – -16