This week, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguin defenseman Ben Lovejoy graciously took the time to answer ten questions for Faceoff Factor. Hopefully, this will help Penguin fans get to know him a little better.

FF: What made you choose the Penguins organization after playing with Norfolk last year?

BL: The Penguins were the first team that offered me a contract. They made me an offer and my family and I thought it was a good idea.

FF: If you were a scout, how would you describe your game?

BL: I like to think of myself as a two-way defenseman who skates well and is good with the puck.

FF: Since you have an AHL contract, have the Penguins been in touch with you about how to earn an NHL contract for next year?

BL: Not recently. Right now I am just trying to win games and play as well as I can and help my team and hopefully the Penguins would like to resign me after the season.

FF: This organization has been a little light in defensive depth recently, so we hope that you will be able to stay. Coach Richards has rotated the defensive pairings during some games. Who has been your favorite blueline partner this year?

BL: Actually I have played almost all the games with Mark Ardelan. I think our styles compliment each other and I really enjoy playing with him. He is so good with the puck and makes such good decisions that he makes my job a lot easier.

FF: I’m sure it does help having that steady vet next to you. That brings us to the next question… Which player on your team have you learned the most from this year?

BL: Ryan Lannon. Both Alex Goligoski and I live in his house and he has really taken us under his wing. He has been a great role model, helping us to adjust to life as pro hockey players.

FF: As you’ve been adjusting, what has been your favorite experience of your rookie year so far?

BL: My favorite experience was definitely our 11 game winning streak. When you go on streaks like that, it is so much fun to go to the rink everyday. You go out every night and just feel like there is no way the team you are about to play against is going to beat you.

FF: It seemed like that came even while there were callups going on. This year has set a record with 12 callups from Wilkes-Barre to Pittsburgh. How has that affected the team chemistry/morale in Wilkes-Barre?

BL: I think it has been great for team morale. Whenever a teammate gets a chance to go up, everyone gets excited. It shows us that our efforts in Wilkes Barre are not going unnoticed. It is also great for us because it gives the guys remaining behind the opportunity to play roles that would otherwise not come their way.

I think as a team we have done a great job stepping in and playing well when some of our best players are up in Pittsburgh.

FF: The WBS Penguins are known throughout the AHL for being very close with their fans. As you’ve been a part of these player appearances, charity events, and other interaction with the fans, what do you think of the fan base?

BL: The fans here are great. They love their Penguins – and the team loves their support. After playing road games and coming home, you certainly appreciate our fans even more.

FF: Before becoming a part of this organization, who was your favorite NHL team and who is your favorite NHL player?

BL: I grew up cheering for the Bruins. My favorite player was always Ray Bourque.

FF: That’s always a good player to pick for a defenseman. On a lighter note, any time that your name comes up on Pittsburgh Penguins message boards, usually the very next thing is some kind of ‘Simpsons’ reference to Rev. Lovejoy. How many times have you heard that?

BL: Everyday.

FF: Oops. Sorry. We wish you the best for the rest of the year.

For fans who want to read more of Lovejoy’s thoughts, he has a blog at Ben Lovejoy’s blog (Click here)