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Notre Dame senior goaltender and Pittsburgh Penguins prospect David Brown capped a remarkable career with a spectacular senior season that saw him backstop the Fighting Irish to their first ever CCHA Regular Season and Mason Cup Championships as well as coming within one game of reaching the Frozen Four. The Stoney Creek, ONT native firmly etched his name into the Notre Dame hockey history books and along the way earned numerous accolades, including being named a Hobey Hat Trick finalist, CCHA Player of the Year and most recently, a West First Team All-American.

Hockey’s Future spoke with David Brown after the Hobey Baker Award ceremony on Friday night at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.

HF: First off, it has to be a bit disappointing not winning the award but tell me how it feels to be nominated for it with Eric (Ehn) and Ryan (Duncan)?

DB: It’s a phenomenal feeling and it’s a great honor just to be
mentioned in such elite company as Ryan and Eric. I’m just very proud that I’ve been able to help push Notre Dame into the national spotlight.

HF: You guys at Notre Dame had such a wonderful year winning the CCHA Regular Season Championship and the Mason Cup. Then in the Midwest Regional, you guys ran into that wall called Michigan State. How disappointing was it for you guys having been as successful as you guys were and coming so close to yet not being here at the Frozen Four?

DB: It was obviously tough because we had won the league and won the (CCHA) playoffs and we ended up losing to another CCHA team in the NCAA Tournament, which is kind of ironic I guess. We’ve played and beaten both BC and Michigan State during the course of the year, so it was really frustration because we really believed in ourselves and that was our goal from day one. We wanted to make it to the National Championship and get the first National Championship for Notre Dame hockey. It was a great stepping stone for us as a program and it’s only going to get better from here on out as Coach (Jeff) Jackson and the rest of the guys just continue to take the program to a higher level.

HF: I know that you have set all sorts of school goaltending records. Now that your collegiate career is done, what would you like to be best remembered for when you leave Notre Dame?

DB: I’d say helping Notre Dame achieve the best season that they’ve ever had. To be able to see those CCHA banners in the rafters is just awesome and knowing that I was a part of that team that got those banners for the very first time in Notre Dame hockey history.

HF: Much has been said and written about how Jeff Jackson has had an impact on you as a player, but tell me a little bit about how he has had an impact on you on a personal level.

DB: Coach and I work very closely together both on and off the ice. He tells me things like how to behave in public with the media, scouts and even around other coaches. He talks about the finer points and subtleties such as outward personal appearance in dressing properly and stuff like that. He’s done a really great job taking me under his wing and really showing me how to be successful. He makes sure that I’m staying on top of my studies and has just given me a heads up for going into professional hockey. He tells me about some of the things to look for and not look for. He just kind of opens my eyes to some things that maybe I wasn’t previously aware of. He’s been great and has helped me on so many levels.

HF: Now in addition to the Hobey Baker ceremony, I know that you’re also here this weekend to participate in the Skills Challenge. What’s that like for you and what has the camaraderie with the other players been like?

DB: It’s great. We all had dinner together and I was at some of the functions with the guys. It was great to be able to see those guys off the ice. Many of them are guys that I’ve played against and we’re all friends. It’s a great time and it’s just a fun weekend.

HF: I know that you’re a Penguins prospect. Any chance that we’ll be seeing you in Pittsburgh anytime soon?

DB: Hopefully. That’s the plan. I hope that they like what they’ve seen this year. My dream is to be able to play professional hockey.

HF: Have they been in contact with you at all this year?

DB: Yeah, a little bit. They’re in the playoff hunt and have a lot of things going on obviously with their team. So once the season winds down, hopefully they’ll be able to talk to me a little bit more and we’ll be able to work something out.