Back in early February, WBS defensemen Ben Lovejoy sat down for an interview with Faceoff-Factor. This week, he was nice enough to come back for a second round of questions.

Eric Politowski: How did you first find interest in the sport of hockey?

Ben Lovejoy: My dad played in college and introduced me to the game at a pretty early age.

EP: After earning a plus-minus rating of +16, you finished as the Pens’ regular season leader in that category. Is this something you tend to pay attention to during the year?

BL: It was something I was aware of but that stat is really a reflection of our whole teams dedication to playing good defense and the great job [goalie] John Curry did all year.

EP: Earlier in the year, on January 19th, you were credited with your first pro fighting major against Norfolk’s Adam Henrich. Was that a unique experience?

BL: A unique experience? I guess you could call get beaten up unique.

EP: What is your most memorable experience of the 2007-2008 season in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton?

BL: Our two nine game winning streaks. Life is good when you are winning. It was so much fun to come to the rink everyday.

EP: Both yourself, and newcomer RW Nick Johnson played together last season at Dartmouth College. How is it playing with each other, now at the AHL level?

BL: It has been a lot of fun to have Nick on the team. He is going to be a great player here and will fit in nicely.

EP: What was it like playing in your first pro playoff game this year against the Hershey Bears?

BL: The first series went really well for the Penguins. Everyone on the team did a great job elevating their games and I think as a team we were able to play at a really high level because of this. Hopefully this will continue into future rounds.

EP: How closely do you follow your parent Pittsburgh Penguins?

BL: I like watching, but I do not follow as closely as some other guys. It is hard because they are not on TV in Wilkes-Barre and we do not have the NHL package at our house. When [Alex] Goligoski was up I watched all of his games.

EP: Do you follow any other professional sports, besides hockey? If so, who are some of your favorite teams or players?

BL: I’m a big Patriots and Yankees fan. I enjoy watching the Celtics play. And I rooted for the Bruins growing up.

EP: What is your favorite thing to do in the off-season?

BL: Relaxing. I find golf boring. I like being outside and hanging out with my family.

EP: What is your favorite movie of all-time?

BL: Count of Monte Cristo

EP: Favorite hockey movie?

BL: Mighty Ducks

EP: Finally, if you could picture yourself in 5 years from now, where would you be, hockey-wise?

BL: Playing for Pittsburgh hopefully.

Once again, huge thanks go out to Ben Lovejoy. Good luck in the playoffs, and keep up the great work.