Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Baby Penguins’ left wing Paul Bissonnette recently took his time to answer some questions for Faceoff-Factor.

Eric Politowski: What was your most memorable moment of the 2007-2008 season?

Paul Bissonnette: Well all in all the whole season. Teams like that don’t come around often. But if I’d have to pick one I will say Tim Brent scoring in game 7 against Portland with 30 seconds left.

EP: Describe how your relationship drastically improved with the Penguins organization from past years to now.

PB: Well I won’t really get in to it but basically I’ve worked my way back in to their plans so all I can say is I’m excited to be a part of it.

EP: Do you prefer playing defense, or left wing?

PB: I prefer Defense, but for my role they think it’s best for me to play the wing. I agree it’s easier to be a pest and fighter as a forward.

EP: Do you envision yourself as an enforcer in the making? If not, what do you believe your track to the NHL will be?

PB: Enforcer is a strong word. I’m just a guy who enjoys fighting for my team. I’m not so much tough as I am willing. I’m not afraid to get beat up. So I see myself making it if I do as a pest slash middleweight fighter.

EP: When do you see yourself making your NHL debut?

PB: Well I’m hoping this year. I’ve worked hard this summer, but I still need work as a forward to better myself.

EP: Who is your favorite NHL fighter of all-time? Current fighter?

PB: I’d have to say Rick Tocchet, he’s a gamer. As for still playing I’d say Colton Orr and Josh Gratton who both play with the Rangers now.

EP: Out of all of your fighting majors, who was the toughest customer you’ve dropped the gloves with?

PB: Well I can think of 3 that gave me a hard time. [Kevin] Westgarth, [Jon] Mirasty, and [Ryan] Flinn. Those 3 are heavy’s in our league so it was tough getting use to.

EP: Favorite NHL player?

PB: Jarome Iginla, the guy does it all.

EP: Favorite movie?

PB: Raging Bull, big De Niro fan.

EP: Favorite band/artist?

PB: Way too many, but I love The Tragically Hip.

EP: Favorite sport/team outside of hockey?

PB: I’m a huge Packers fan even though Favre’s gone.

EP: Favorite roommate on the road?

PB: I roomed with [Dave] Brown the whole year so that’s an invalid question.

EP: What are your plans for this summer?

PB: Just training and visiting friends.

Thanks a lot Paul, we appreciate your time. Best of luck to you this upcoming season.