Jimmy Bubnick – C – Kamloops Blazers (WHL) – 6’2 – 190lbs – Shoots R – Jan. 19, 1991 – Ranked #11 in November ISS – Ranked #11 November Central Scouting

Jesse Marshall: Let’s start by talking about Kamloops. Right now you guys are third in the division at 14-17, how would you characterize the start that the Blazers have had this year?

Jimmy Bubnick: We’ve certainly had our ups and downs, but I think that things are looking up here for the future and I think we’re going to be a pretty good hockey team in the months to come.

JM: Coming into this year, you have a new coaching staff up there, really a whole new management regime, how has the adjustment been? Have you eased into it, has it been rough?

JB: At the start, they came in and set the tone early and I think the guys have responded to that. I think that going forward, we’re going to win some games with them, and I like the direction that we’re going.

JM: Who have you been playing with thus far for the majority of the season?

JB: I’ve really been all over the place. Right now I’m playing with Shayne Wiebe and C.J. Stretch. But I’ve also been with Dalibor Bortnak and Brendan Ranford. I’ve pretty much been all over the place.

JM: Looking at the WHL, the first thing that stands out in your conference is Vancouver. I know there’s a lot of hockey to be played, but from what you’ve seen on the ice, does the road to a championship potentially stop there?

JB: Obviously they’ve gotten off to a very good start. They’re a very deep team both offensive and defensively. They really stick to their system. I think it’s maybe too early to tell, but they’re certainly a powerhouse – you can’t take that away.

JM: Looking back at your rookie year, what kind of lessons did you learn as a sixteen-year-old that you’re applying now?

JB: Just the speed of the game, the first season didn’t work out the way I would have liked it, but you build on that to help you in the long run.

JM: Do you find yourself approaching the game differently this year?

JB: Oh, definitely, I feel like I have more confidence, that I can do more things with the puck. I feel like I can hold onto the puck longer and create space for myself. You learn more on the ice in so many ways.

JM: Your brothers, Jon and Michael, both have a ton of WHL experience. What kind of influence do they have on you and have they given you any advice this year?

JB: Yeah, they’ve been full of advice. I talk to them on the phone quite a bit. I tell them what’s going on from my experience and they can compare it. They can give me advice on what to do better.

JM: A lot of people on the east coast haven’t had a chance to see you play. How would you describe Jimmy Bubnick as a player?

JB: I’d tell them that I’m a power-forward. I can go into the boards and win a lot of battles. I’ve got a pretty good shot. I’d say that I focus on winning battles in the front of the net and creating room for myself that way.

JM: What’s the biggest thing that Jimmy Bubnick needs to improve upon as a player?

JB: I’d say my foot-speed is probably what I need to work on the most.

JM: I know you probably get asked this a lot, but does the draft weigh on your mind? Is it something that you’re thinking about through the course of the year so far?

JB: For the most part, you can’t think about that, you just have to control the things you can control – the things you can do everyday.

JM: With hockey now, there’s a huge Internet community. Do you ever find yourself online reading what some of these scouting organizations are saying about you?

JB: I personally don’t do that at all. I just try to avoid that and focus on my game and not let anything else hamper what I can do.

JM: Easy stuff. Do you have a pregame meal?

JB: Different kind of pastas. Whether it is spaghetti and chicken or something like that, mostly just pasta and stuff.

JM: Favorite NHL team growing up as a kid?

JB: The Vancouver Canucks.

JM: Do you have a favorite movie?

JB: Dumb and dumber.

JM: Do you still follow the Canucks now?

JB: Yeah, I get Sportsnet Pacific so whenever we’re not playing I still watch them.

JM: So maybe, come draft day, you’ll secretly have your fingers crossed for them?

JB: Yeah, for sure. But just to get drafted would be an honor.

Thanks to Jimmy for taking the time to talk to us. We wish him the best of luck as he continues towards the draft.

2008/09 Statistics: 35GP – 15G – 12A – 27PTS – +2 – 19PIM