Ben Schimidt is a former Faceoff Factor writer. He has joined the “Beat The Experts” fantasy hockey league and will chronicle his rookie season as a fantasy hockey GM.

Right off the bat, I got some feedback to the first part of this series, which pointed out a mistake I made in dropping Dustin Byfuglien. So, there’s the first lesson for this week:

Lesson #5: Players who can be used for more than one position will count for their stats no matter what position they actually play that night.

While I was wrong on the number of PIMs Byfuglien brings in, having a player who is expected to put up some points as a forward count on defense is valuable. So I obviously made a mistake there. I probably should have picked up someone else.

Let’s move on to the start of the season. My Fumigators played the Gaithersburg Goons for the first week of the season. Seeing how the scoring works out in person, I was able to learn a few more lessons.

First, while having a few Penguins plus Martin St. Louis was helpful in terms of getting some points right away in the first two days of the season, I could potentially end up in a case where none of my players are playing for a few nights. So that’s the next lesson:

Lesson #6: Diversify the teams you pull players from. This will allow you to bench players who aren’t playing while putting in players who are. This doesn’t mean you should pass on a superior player when drafting, but when possible, spread around what teams you’re drawing from.

Over the week, I was up and down, but in the end, what killed me were the goalie stats. Once the week was over, here is where we stood:

G: 5 A: 11 : +2 PIM: 6 PPP: 5 GWG: 0 W: 1 L: 1 GAA: 3.01 Sv%: .857 SHO: 0

Gaithersburg Goons:
G: 5 A: 8 : -5 PIM: 8 PPP: 6 GWG: 2 W: 3 L: 1 GAA: 2.54 Sv%: .905 SHO: 0

Yahoo! Fantasy scored this week as a 2-8-1 record for me. I won the assists and plus/minus categories, tied for goals, and lost all of the other categories.

As a result, I learned another interesting lesson:

Lesson #7: For Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey, at least, ties in goalie categories end up becoming wins for the team that won the other goalie categories. Notice how both the Fumigators and the Goons had 1 loss each, and 0 shutouts each, yet Yahoo! scored those both as winning categories for the Goons.

As a result of my disastrous first week (which placed me last in the conference), I decided to try trading for a goaltender. I tried twice. The first trade proposal, I never got a response back after three days. The second time, my trade was rejected. Both times I offered up Brian Rolston and Alex Auld, with Rolston being the key piece, and Auld being a player that could fill in the third goaltender spot for the player the trade offer was made to, since both teams had three #1 goaltenders in their lineups.

Both teams had listed that they were willing to trade goaltenders. In the end, I’m listing Brian Rolston and Martin St. Louis as players I’m willing to trade in order to bring back a goaltender. (For the record, that’s one or the other, not both).

At this point, I don’t see that I have much choice but to try to hang in there, and hope that someone proposes a trade. With three goaltender positions per team and 12 teams, there just aren’t enough good goalies in the league to go around, it seems.