Alexander Ovechkin hates missing games

AO missed only his second game of his career yesterday against the Nashville Predators as the Washington forward went home to Russia to be with his ailing grandfather. The missed game ends Ovechkin’s streak of 203 consecutive games played. The Caps didn’t seem to miss him that much as they “capitalized” on the Predators shootout defects in a 4-3 win.

Matt Cooke hates Rob Shick

Instead of calling the interference that was occurring on Matt Cooke in the final two minutes of last night’s game, Referee Rob Shick decided to call the high stick that occurred when Cooke tried to maneuver around his interferer, Brad Lukowich. In Shick’s defense, it was hard to see the interference due to Lukowich pulling Cooke’s jersey over the scene of the crime.

Yes, NHL officiating has proven itself to be another one of my famous oxymorons and clearly hasn’t improved much from last year. So my personal statement to the officiating crews around the league: this isn’t Major League Baseball, call the game right.

Anyone with taste hates the 2009 Winter Classic Jerseys

They’re pretty much the same jerseys only with different colors. Both feature a mid-jersey stripe and vintage logos. The Wings crested a script “R” and the Blackhawks crested a similar Native American head, just a little more beat-up.

I couldn’t figure out if they were ready to play hockey or life-sized chess. Now I know both teams wanted to go with their premier sweaters and I can’t, and don’t, hold that against them. Perhaps I’m just being too Sean Avery and need to focus more on hockey rather than fashion.

One thing I will give the NHL is they picked a great logo for the 2009 NHL Winter Classic as it depicts the title of the event on the famed Wrigley Field sign. I guess since the Cubs can’t win any games after September at Wrigley, Chicago figured they might as well give the Blackhawks a chance.

The Penguins hate injuries (…still)

Is there really a need to explain this one? Gonchar and Whitney are on the shelf for a little while longer, Matt Cooke has been missing games recently, and both Gill and Talbot missed last night against the Sharks.

I’d ask who’s next, but I’m afraid of what might happen. I’ll say Iceburgh just to be safe.

Colorado hates Calgary

Now I’m no mathematician (that’s why I’m a writer) but I do know enough about probability that when two teams that have win streaks play each other, one of said streaks will come to an end. Unfortunately for the Avs, this time it was them.

After going 0-4 in the beginning of the season, Colorado won 5 straight only to drop a heartbreaking, shutout loss to the Calgary Flames, who are now on a lengthy win streak themselves.

The Penguin’s power-play hates Ruslan Fedotenko.

Third period of play, down 1-0, needing offense like a fish needs water: that power-play couldn’t have been gift wrapped and sent down from the hockey gods with more love than that hook on Dupuis’ hands. So, just for the sake of messing it up, Ruslan took a tough penalty whilst awaiting entry into the offensive zone. Tisk, tisk, Fedotenko.

I hate irony

The above piece about Fedotenko’s penalty was written shortly after the event occurred. I write this one shortly after he scores the goal. This doesn’t excuse you, Ruslan, unless the game pace is changed entirely (which it wasn’t), but nice try. Once you’re on the hater list, you can’t just score a goal and then poof you’re off.

I hate the hockey show for disappointing me

I tuned in to’s “The Hockey Show” to find that they were doing a piece on the busiest room in hockey: the War Room in Toronto. Having never really seen the War Room, I was expecting something rivaling CNN’s newsroom or something of that nature. I was gravely disappointed to find a room no larger than Sean Avery’s closet (Ok, bad example).

But I definitely like the decision of having Carrie Milbank replacing that other guy as the host every once in a while.

Tom Renney hates Rostislav Klesla

During Friday night’s game in Columbus, the New York Rangers’ head coach took a hit to the noggin from Klesla’s stick after the player was hit into the boards on the Rangers’ bench. As reported later by The Hockey News, a New York spokesman said “Renney had a head injury.”


Renney briefly lost consciousness but said 30 minutes after the game, “I wasn’t real sure where I was there for a while.” Probably thinking to himself, “There’s a hockey team in Columbus?” Well don’t worry, Tom, we all still think that from time to time.

The Rangers defeated the Blue Jackets 3-1 that night. So maybe this whole head-hitting thing really helps the team. Better watch out, Michel Therrien!

Darryl Sydor hates getting benched

Being the seventh man out on an eight-man defensive corps (counting Whitney and Gonchar), Darryl Sydor usually finds himself as a healthy scratch. The 17-year defenseman recently asked Pittsburgh for a trade due to his prolonged inactivity. I say why not? His cap hit hurts the Penguins financially and he deserves more of a veteran role in the NHL.

Kari Lehtonen hates his job

Yes it sure seems like things will never get better in Atlanta. The Thrashers defense left goaltender Lehtonen out to dry seven times. To make it worse, it was against a Philadelphia Flyers team who couldn’t seem to buy a win a week ago. On top of all that, after one of the goals, Lehtonen’s defenseman clothes lined him in the chops. Nonetheless, I’m sure they’re still in the hunt for that prized Southeast Division championship.

Dany Sabourin hates his teammates

Ok, not literally…but to the Penguin offense (another oxymoron?): HELP A GOALIE OUT! Dany Sabourin did everything but make saves while riding a unicycle…which he probably would’ve done if there weren’t any rules against riding unicycles on the ice. I applaud you, Mr. Sabourin. But until I see any evidence to remove them, the Penguins’ offense, that’s right…the Penguins’ offense, is on my hater list (scary/dramatic music plays in background).

Sadly, we conclude, yet again, another HH Report. As always, keep an eye out for more haters in hump-days to come.

Happy hating!