Don’t worry, Alex Ovechkin, there’s no need for you to answer the bell for your cheap hits.

Matt Bradley will take out the trash.

After serving penalties for a scrum a questionable hit, Ovechkin and Lightning forward Steve Downie found each other for a good old fashioned, one on one one on two fight.

Just after Ovechkin dropped his gloves to take on Downie, Matt Bradley interrupted and took over. Ovechkin was left to watch.

To his credit, Ovechkin was ready to answer the bell.

But what Bradley did is exactly the type of action that gives hockey a bad name.

It’s not as if Ovechkin was squaring off with, say, Colton Orr, Eric Godard, or another of the league’s heavyweight fighters. It was Steve Downie. You know, the little punk who used to play for Philly.

Anyway, Bradley earned 27 minutes of penalties and a game misconduct for his stupidity, and I’d even lobby for a suspension.

There’s no room for a third player in what should be a two player fight.

What are your thoughts.