Entertaining Tweet of the Week

Mike Richards, MRichie18, has been making headlines with his fan comments and tweets.

“People need to RELAX and take a joke, I actually thought the signs were kind of funny. Didn’t mean to cause a Pitt/Philly chirp fest.” -MRichie18

I’m glad he is working on coining the term “Chirp fest”

Players, Trades, General Management

Only one full week of regular season hockey remains and just a few games and opponents for each team. Awards, statistics, and W’s in that win column are more precious now than ever as it gets down to the wire.

Sedin, St. Louis, Sedin?

The scoring title or Art Ross trophy has come down to three stars, two of whom are twins. Daniel Sedin currently holds first place with 100 points, Martin St. Louis second with 94, and Henrik Sedin in third with 92. The Sedin brothers and the Canucks have three games left to secure or steal, after the team already clinched the President’s Trophy this past week. Tampa Bay also has three, against Buffalo, Florida, and Carolina.

Injuries around the League

Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres, undisclosed injury

Miller has been absent from practice and missed this Wednesdays game due to an “upper body” injury, NHL.com reports. While the extent of the injury is not known, this could have a stopping effect on Buffalo’s playoff hopes.

On the Mend

The following crucial players have been making headway on their recovery and are closer to returning to the game:

Mike Green, Washington Capitals
Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins
Derick Roy, Buffalo Sabres
Chris Pronger, Philadelphia Flyers
Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils

Battle Royale

In the East

With a plethora of overtimes, shootouts, and close games, five teams have clinched playoff spots, and three remain. Down to only a pair or so of games, every point counts for the Buffalo Sabres, the New York Rangers, and possibly the Carolina Hurricanes, who are just short.

The Rangers won today during NBC’s game of the week in a shootout against number one Philadelphia. They still have a few Eastern teams to win points from— Boston, New Jersey, and Atlanta.

Buffalo’s holding on, currently one point ahead of New York, with the possibility of a series against Philadelphia or Washington. The Sabres defeated the Canes in an OT win today to get the two points, while Carolina currently finds themselves in 9th place with 87 points. Buffalo has Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, and Columbus as the last three opponents, and some chances to get ahead.

In the West

The Wings clinched the Central Division this past week with a win over Minnesota. San Jose, Detroit, and Presidential Trophy winner Vancouver have already clinched playoff spots and most likely home ice advantage.

Defending Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks are just holding on to that eighth spot. They are possibly looking forward to a series with rival Canucks, but with three games left and Calgary on their tails, things could take a turn around.

Chicago still has to face Montreal, Detroit, and and St. Louis. Calgary has Colorado, Vancouver, and Edmonton.