Fresh off a four-game suspension, Vancouver Canucks forward Raffi Torres was involved in another questionable hit yesterday.

As you’ll see below, Torres skated behind the net to hit an unsuspecting Brent Seabrook. He received a two-minute minor for interference and was available for the balance of the game. Seabrook, meanwhile, left the game temporarily to spend time in the “quiet room” before returning to action in the third period.

From Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville, via PuckDaddy:

“Brutal. Major. Absolutely. They missed it. We could have scored four goals on that play. Is it a suspension? I don’t have to worry about that. It’s not my call. The guy didn’t even get through his first game back off one.”

You Be The Judge

  • Is the hit worthy of an NHL disciplinary hearing?
  • Should Torres’ status of just coming off a suspension factor into this?
  • If there is a hearing, should it result in discipline?
  • If so, should he be suspended, fined, or both?
  • Name the amount of money, length of suspension, or both.