So if you have taken a look over at recently, you may have noticed that the Washington Capitals are no longer the team at the far right hand side.

The Winnipeg Jets web page and section of is up and running. Their Twitter, Facebook, and other news sources are up and running. It seems real that this team will face the new hockey season no longer as the Atlanta Thrashers but again as the Jets, with their oddly American-colored jerseys.

The team currently lacing up as the Jets began in Atlanta in 1999, the former Winnipeg Jets team is currently the Phoenix Coyotes. The Coyotes also faced a scare of not remaining at their home area, which makes me curious where they would move or end up if such a situation occurs—obviously not back in Winnipeg.

Maybe it is just me but the moving and re-franchising is kind of fascinating and I can’t wait to see how previous Winnipeg Jets fans treat and take this new team. It is obviously going to be an exciting year.

Changes in the off-season have done some landscaping of the team, which will maybe make them different from the 10/11 Thrashers, who didn’t quite make it to the post-season.

After signing a 5-year extension deal, Left Wing Andrew Ladd, 2010 captain of the Thrashers, will be the first captain of the new flight of the Jets. Defensemen Dustin Byfuglien and Tobias Enstrom will wear the “A’s” again.

The Jets have acquired Eric Fehr from the Caps in exchange for Danick Paquette and a fourth round pick. Fehr had 10 goals and 10 assists with Washington last season and may be able to some offensive support to the Jets.

The Penguins will faceoff with the Jets on October 17th, as the fourth game of the regular season in Winnipeg.

No longer playing the Winnipeg Arena, like the Jets used to, this new team will be playing at MTS Centre the current home of the AHL Manitoba Moose. This will MTS Centre’s first time hosting an NHL team.

The Jets first preseason opponents include the Blue Jackets, the Predators and the Hurricanes.