So let’s get this straight.

Zach Parise, the most highly coveted free agent in the 2012 class, has spent less than two days reviewing contract offers, listening to sales pitches, discussing options with family and friends, and pondering the rest of his career — and the media is upset that he’s taking too long?

Considering most people take longer to buy a car or plan a vacation, I would say he’s doing just fine.

It figures that the same people who spent weeks hyping #PariseWatch are the same ones who are acting like children who didn’t get their way.

Listening to 93.7 The Fan as Parise stepped outside in Toronto to announce that he is closer to making a decision, but won’t put a deadline on it, you’d swear he personally insulted the on-air personalities.

Joe Starkey went so far as to say this was turning into a Lebron James situation where he called a press conference to announce his decision.

Last time I checked, it is the reporters who are camped out in front of the Toronto locale where Parise has been spending the last two days. It is the media who is reporting his every move (or should I say rumored move?). It is the media that is driving #PariseWatch.

Parise is just doing what every sane human being would do in his situation: ponder all options to be sure the right decision — not just the one based on finances — is made.

If the media doesn’t make a big deal about this, it would be like any other free agent signing that simply happens when it happens.

Anyone who has followed Parise throughout his career clearly understands that he is a well-versed, savvy, humble (by pro-athlete standards), and thoughtful person who isn’t about making a spectacle for the sake of making a spectacle.

In fact, he really has nothing to do with this spectacle.

Instead, it’s the Starkeys of the world who feel entitled to know now.

As Craig Custance Tweeted: “Why are people mad at Parise? He’s one of the hardest-working, conscientious players in the game. He’s earned right to take his time.”

It’s one thing for fans to be excited to learn of Parise’s destination and disappointed to learn of the requirement to wait longer. Who wouldn’t be?

It’s quite another for a professional reporter, such as Rob Rossi, to give up, saying “I no longer care to check with anyone.” on his Twitter account.

Good old Rossi is now urging other to join #PariseBlock.

Hey Rossi, aren’t you one of the reporters who has helped to make #PariseWatch so rabid?

We’ll see what he — and all of the other naysayers — are saying when Parise makes his decision. My guess is they’ll spend as much time analyzing his destination as they did predicting it.

Sure doesn’t jive with his childish “I don’t care” attitude.