I’m told that, technically, Brooklyn’s still on the Island.

A big move for a team with a strong history in the NHL as it was announced today that the New York Islanders will begin the 2015 season at Barclays Center in Brooklyn,NY.

Leaving Nassau Coliseum, the new home of the franchise will seat around 14,500 fans maximum per game. This is a downsize in available fan seating, but looking at it honestly, the Islanders haven’t exactly been selling out the over 18,000 capacity area on the Island.

Its no surprise that revenues have been a highly discussed issue for the league this season. A move to Brooklyn, like a move from Atlanta to Winnipeg creates potential in a new market.

Sharing an arena with the Nets, who will be using the newly constructed arena for a few seasons prior to its hockey debut, will create competition for the hockey team but also could be a way of introducing the sport to a conglomerate of potential new fans.

Letting go off the old arena and location will be hard for fans. This is a concept fresh in the mind of Pittsburghers, but luckily an across the street move to a decked out new arena isn’t as far as this move. While only about 45 minutes according to Google directions, city traffic could make this area quite a travel distance for native Islanders.

There’s also the history to consider. Originally opening in 1972, The Islanders won four Stanley Cups in the Coliseum. However, despite this establishment, its been quite a while since the team was even a serious contender for the Eastern Conference finals.

Their last playoff excursion was cut short in 2007 after a loss in the conference quarterfinals to the Buffalo Sabres. The team has only made the playoffs six times since 1992.

The move to Brooklyn, although still a few years away, could represent a new start for this team. One that could be beneficial in game play success and coupled hopefully with increased league revenue.

Here’s what some fans and the socialsphere had to say about the move: