With five days until the chubby guy gets stuck in your chimney and eats your freshly-baked cookies, it appears his biggest miracle might just be on the NHL front.

According to James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail, NHL Executive VP Bill Daly was asked on HNIC Radio today whether there would be a season. His answer:


Across the table, NHLPA Head Don Fehr maintains that the two sides remain remarkably close, a sentiment shared by most experts not associated with the process, but not by Daly and Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Fehr’s appearance on Fan 590 radio yielded the following quote: “They know that on the substance that we’re not very far apart.”

Said Daly on the same station: “To suggest as they have that we’re almost on top of each other I think would be overstating it to the extreme.”

While those viewpoints drastically differ, it’s difficult to overlook the simple, yet power answer Daly gave to the direct question about the season’s prospects.

Is it possible that Bettman and Daly are willing to accept the most recent player offer and are simply holding out for a last minute, last ditch effort by the NHLPA?

Conversely, is it possible the NHLPA is willing to accept the proposal the NHL has put forth and is simply waiting for the NHL to panic and give in to some of their requests?

No one really knows, but anyone with a brain can figure out a lost season just eight years after a lost season would be killer for the NHL’s bottom line.

All this bickering supposedly is for the greater good of the game, but if there are no fans to watch, the bottom line will shrink and both sides will suffer the consequences.

If everyone else can see it, so can Fehr, Bettman, and the rest of the suits dictating this process — even if their egos are trying to tell them otherwise.

As FF’s friend Mike Colligan of The Hockey Writers says, “There will be a hockey season.”

If he believes that to be true, so do I.