Not that we forgot about these things, but here’s a few off season moves, trades and roster shifts you might want to take another look at before Jan. 19.

Steve Sullivan to the South

Spied on instagram yesterday was a photo of Steve Sullivan practicing with the Coyotes. The free agent signed with Phoenix last July for another one year contract season. Sullivan is about 30 games away from hitting the 1000 career mark.

With 17 goals last season in Pittsburgh, Sullivan was a consistent contributor to the offensive push and with the likes of Radim Vrbata and Shane Doan could help the Coyotes get off to a good start.

Ray Whitney’s departure for Dallas leaves a gap that needs filling. Sully could be the man to do it.

A Surprising Star

Speaking of the Stars, Jaromir Jagr made an unsuspected choice when he signed with the club during free agency. Jagr, who is no stranger to one-year deals after his return from the KHL, will make $4.55 million on the season.

Having played his career mostly in the Atlantic Division, Jagr will put in some game way with new and different rivals this season after the league announced that most of the shortened season will be in-conference play.

Asham takes Manhattan

Completing his tour of the Atlantic Division, Arron Asham signed with the New York Rangers on July 1. As a UFA, the right wing signed a two year deal. This will be an interesting move to watch as the Rangers are bouncing back from a harsh loss last post-season.

Ruslan flys back to Philly

Another player and former Penguin making his rounds in Atlantic Divison rosters is Ruslan Fedotenko. After putting in two seasons with the Flyers back in the early 2000s, the left wing signed a 1-year deal for $1.75 million with the club. He spent the last two seasons playing for the Rangers.

Captain Gabe

After being named captain in November of 2011, and playing his first game as captain in Pittsburgh, Milan Hejduk relinquished the role. While he will still wear a “A” for the upcoming season, its the man behind the ‘C” who sparks some interest.

Nineteen-year-old Gabriel Landeskog was named the youngest captain in NHL history, gaining the title 11 days younger than Sidney Crosby did in 2007. The only rookie to be named to the Av’s opening night roster last season, Landeskog had 22 goals and 30 assists last season.

And one you most likely did not

The All or Nothing Canes

The Carolina Hurricanes may have the makings of a strong offense. Not to belabor the point of Captain Eric Staal and Alternate Jordan Staal, but the pair of brother power forwards may unleash some chemistry. While they both shoot left, both were also heating up last season. Jordan finished the season with 25 goals and 25 assists in 62 games played. Not to mention the Hat Trick he netted during game three of the playoffs.

Eric had 24 goals and 46 assists in a full season played. The Canes also signed a one-year deal with Alex Semin.

The last time the Hurricanes made the playoffs, they came on strong and fell to the Penguins in the Eastern Conference finals. Its also important to note that their appearance in the Stanley Cup playoffs before that led to them winning it all in ’06. While its strange to not qualify between runs, the Canes have been an all or nothing team in the past decade making it to the Eastern Conference Finals or the Stanley Cup Finals three times since the ’01-‘02 season. This will be a good team to watch this season, seeing if they can make their acquisitions into their all or nothing.