Hey folks. I think we may have mentioned this, but hockey’s back. It’s as exciting as ever, and perhaps even more so, with the emotion of a full season being packed into 48 games over the course of just 99 days.

When emotions run high, tension usually follows. If you read Fisticuffs Friday last week (here), you know that I’ll be giving you the scoop on when that tension comes to a breaking point, and when the gloves hit the ice.

In all, 51 different skaters went five for fighting. To see all of the “disagreements,” hop over to HockeyFights.com. For now, we’ll focus on this week’s fight of the week.

Was there any doubt in your mind? While the Tanner Glass v. Arron Asham fight card took an early lead as a FOTW candidate, how could it be anything other than Deryk Engelland v. Colton Orr? We’ve heard this song before.

Several years ago, Engelland interrupted Orr’s career by serving him a concussion with a devastating knockout blow in a fight. This time around, though, Orr got the best of Engelland in the marathon fight that lasted 66 seconds!

Sure, Engo got his blows in, and it wasn’t a runaway victory. But when you get a shiner of that magnitude, it’s hard to say you got the best of anything.

Courtesy of Hockey Fights (link above), here’s the brawl in case you missed it:

Fisticuffs Friday – January 25th, 2013 – Fight of the Week

Engelland came out fast and furious with repeated rights, but Orr hung in there long enough to weather the storm. I think that the real damage was done with a hard left from close range (about :51 of the video).

Orr also fought Buffalo Sabres 6-foot-8 defenseman John Scott earlier this week, ending the fight with a big body blow – a definite TKO. It’s really no contest to say that he’s our fighter of the week as well as being the winner of the fight of the week.

Colton Orr finds himself as one of three fighters that went 2-0-0 on the week. You’ll see that some of “the usual suspects” have gotten off to a good start in dropping the gloves this year, as he is tied with tough guys Brandon Prust, the gritty addition to the Montreal lineup, and Stu Bickel, heavy-fisted defenseman for the New York Rangers. Here’s the top-5 leaderboard for the week:

Fight Leaderboard
Name Team Pos. Record TKOs
Colton Orr TOR RW 2-0-0 1
Stu Bickel NYR D 2-0-0 0
Brandon Prust MTL RW 2-0-0 0
Jared Boll CBJ RW 1-1-1 0
Shawn Thornton BOS RW 1-0-0* 0

*11 more fighters tied at 1-0-0

In the suspension department, there wasn’t much action this week. While there were a sizeable number of game misconducts and penalties around the league, there wasn’t talk of a nightly headshot on a star player as seemed to be the case last year. However, leave it to a Philadelphia Flyer to ruin the streak of “good behavior.”

In a game where he fought to a draw, Brayden Schenn also egregiously ran Devils’ defenseman Anton Volchenkov. You’ll see the hit and the explanation of the suspension here (courtesy of NHL Video):

Fisticuffs Friday – January 25th, 2013 – Goon Move of the Week

Schenn gets out of this with a one-game suspension, which he served for Thursday night’s game against the New York Rangers. The point that he earned in the fight to a draw is nullified by the deduction of one full point for his suspension. Also, he gets the dubious honor of being the first and only player thus far to grace the Fisticuffs Friday Suspension leaderboard:

Suspension Leaderboard
Name Team Pos. Sus. GS
Brayden Schenn PHI LW 1 1

GS represents games suspended

That brings us to our overall total leaderboard. Per a reader suggestion, I’m also docking one half point from each fighter’s score for blatantly staged fights, like Glass v. Asham.

Also, situations like Ryan White jumping Tomas Fleischmann, who dropped the gloves to fight Fleischmann – who had not obliged, will result in a penalty. Minor things like staged fights will be one half point, and major things like what I just mentioned will be one point. The severity of the offense will determine the severity of the deduction. Here are the top 5 totals for the week:

Overall Leaderboard
Name Team Pos. Pts. Ded. Tot.
Colton Orr TOR RW 4 0 4
Stu Bickel NYR D 4 0 4
Brandon Prust MTL RW 4 0 4
Jared Boll CBJ RW 3 .5 2.5
Shawn Thornton BOS RW 2 0 2*

Ded. represents suspension and "staged fight" deductions
Tot. represents the total points after suspension deductions are calculated

*11 other fighters tied at 2 total points.

That’s all for this week’s installment of “Fisticuffs Friday.” Remember to keep tracking fights as they come up – your feedback is helpful in determining winners and losers! Tweet fight feedback to me. Post it on the Faceoff-Factor Facebook Page. Or, comment in the article comments from the previous week – I’ll get your opinions one way or another.

Until next time, happy hunting, hockey fans.