The Penguins’ season is over

Or so said members of the national media after learning the seriousness of Sidney Crosby’s injury.

Sid had to get his oral surgery after losing a few chicklets and getting his jaw repositioned by a Brooks Orpik slap shot in Saturday’s game with the Isles.

I was amazed to see how many reporters questioned the outcome of Pittsburgh’s season when it was announced Sid would be out indefinitely (or as we have come to learn around these parts, until possibly the beginning of the playoffs).

Sure, he’s a Hart Trophy front-runner at the moment and is a pivotal piece in the league’s hottest line. Sure, the Penguins also lost Paul Martin for the same amount of time. But did no one pay attention to what the Penguins just did?

Not only did Ray Shero land two of the most coveted trade-deadline forwards, but he also made the Pittsburgh defense deeper than it’s been in a long time.

I guess it’s true what Shero said about people not liking the Penguins after the Iginla deal. And that also means the national media.

Randy Carlyle

For some reason, someone decided the world needed Randy Carlyle’s input on Crosby’s injury. Here’s what the former Penguin and current Leafs’ coach had to say:

“Is that the hockey gods sending a message?”

Wait a minute, is this the same Randy Carlyle who said the following about Sidney Crosby in January?

“Crosby leads [Pittsburgh] by example. I don’t think there is a better capsule of that than when you watch him play night in and night out. He has a dogged work ethic on the puck, he has a skill set that is special. But he separates himself with his ability to work, and to out-work his opposition.”

Nah…can’t be.

I wonder how the hockey gods have felt toward your Maple Leafs for nearly 50 years?

Milbury on masks

When talking about the aforementioned injury sustained by Sidney Crosby during the intermission report on NBC Sunday, the topic of masks was brought up.

Whether you agree with making player mask cages mandatory, or at least an option, is irrelevant. Because most people can still have a decent discussion about it. But Mike Milbury isn’t most people.

When Keith Jones simply shrugged the proposal off, expressing his disagreement with the notion, Milbury suggested everyone should just play table hockey and, I assume, went back to eating a brontosaurus burger during the commercial.

The fact that people keep bringing the topic up, means that it’s a legitimate concern. I, personally, think it should be made optional and slowly worked in as mandatory. And I think that will eventually happen because high school, college and junior players already wear cages. It could easily be worked in within the next generation of hockey players.

Agree or disagree. But do so civilly, unlike Mike Milbury.

Islanders broadcasters

Grow up, dudes.

You broadcast for the New York Islanders. Howie Rose and Butch Goring know what they’re getting themselves into by calling these games.

In the game with Pittsburgh Saturday, both were complaining about the Penguins getting “all the calls.”

Yet, as of that Saturday game, Pittsburgh had 137 minors (eighth in the league) and New York had 123 (20th in the NHL).

But you go on thinking whatever you want, guys. No one really cares.

Jakub Kindl

Jakub Kindl scored the first goal for the Red Wings in Sunday’s 7-1 loss to Chicago on a sweet elevated backhand.

The problem was that he beat Jimmy Howard.

Yes, as if things weren’t bad enough that day for Detroit, Kindl’s goal gave the Blackhawks a 3-0 lead.

In his defense, it appeared as though Chicago’s Jimmy Hayes got a stick check on Kindl’s hands, possibly redirecting what was intended to be a clearing attempt. Still tough to watch for Wings’ faithful.

Oleksy levels Giroux

Want to see Claude Giroux get Lindros-ed by Steve Oleksy?

Watch here

Mr. Hockey

In addition to getting leveled by Chicago Saturday, Detroit was celebrating the 85th birthday of Gordie Howe.

To honor the Red Wing great, the team wore No. 9 Reds in the pregame warmups, providing with the following photograph…

...which made every goaltender’s nightmare come to life.

(It doesn’t want to link for some reason, but you’ll get the idea when you see it.)

Well that will do it for this week’s Humpday Hater Report. Be sure to check back next week for more. Until then, happy hating!