Coach Swap

If ever there were a reality show involving swapping coaches of professional teams, let’s face it, John Tortorella would the perfect fit for it.

While no network (except NHL Network) would pick up the drama, don’t rule out the possibility. Earlier this week, John Tortorella spoke with the Vancouver Canucks, while Alain Vigneault talked to the New York Rangers.

We know Tortorella can’t coach in a market where fans and media don’t lose their minds, so anywhere in Canada is perfect for him.

As for Vigneault, nice guy, but never brought home the bacon (the part of bacon is being played by the Stanley Cup). A change of scenery could be good for him.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of “Coach Swap!”

Gilles Meloche

It was sad to see the Penguins’ goalie coach go last week, perhaps out of the confusion that occurred in net during the Eastern Conference Finals (not that any of that was entirely the goalies’ faults, but that’s a whoooooooole different can of worms).

Meloche was always a fun-loving character that put a smile on your face when you watched him interact with others.

Not to mention, he sported three of the coolest jerseys in NHL history – California/Oakland Seals, Cleveland Barons and Minnesota North Stars.

His son, one-time Penguin Eric Meloche (yeah! Remember him?), is a different story, however.

Ugliest logo

Going from awesome unis, to bad ones, you may remember I talked about Carolina and Dallas unveiling new threads last week. Well this week Sportsnet released a ranking of NHL logos, from worst to best.

Their worst five were (from 26 to 30): Colorado, Columbus, Anaheim, Minnesota and Carolina. Top five? (from 5 to 1): Buffalo, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal and Chicago. Pittsburgh was 10th on the list, if you’re wondering.

I agree with Colorado being on the list, but my worst (from 30 to 26) would probably go a little like this: Nashville, Colorado, Washington, Dallas and Florida (the Panthers solely because of the color scheme).

What do you think, readers?

Ya “Goon”

The hockey movie “Goon” raked in loads of cash in Canada in 2012 (unsurprisingly).

Humbly, director Michael Dowse gave homage to what he called the “holy grail of hockey movies,” Slapshot (always a key point for a Johnstowner like myself).

“Goon” won the Telefilm Canada Golden Box Office award for 2012 (known as the “Goldie”).

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it’s on my to-watch list. Admittedly, I didn’t know Liev Schreiber was in it, and I’m slowly becoming a Liev fan.

Plus, George Laraque is in it…so what more incentive do I need?

High sticking?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Soon, the officials may get the chance to make sure.

The NHLPA has suggested the league begin using video review to determine whether or not high sticking penalties should merit two minutes or four.

Initially, when the discussions began for video replay on potential penalties, it was supposed to revolve around those which could involve diving or embellishment. However, the talks turned toward high-sticking since there is less gray area to work with. Most high sticking penalties can be determined right away on a replay.

General managers were worried about the game being slowed down, which is always the go-to line for officials worried about an imminent change. Baseball has been using that excuse for years, while the quality of play has suffered greatly (IMHO).

The point of the technology we have now is to make sure the game doesn’t get slowed down. Don’t turn into the MLB and ignore things that can make the game better just because it’s new and different, NHL.

Just because Bud Selig is the worst commissioner in the history of sports, doesn’t mean Gary Bettman can’t pass him up.

Well that does it for this week’s edition. Be sure to check back next week for more. Until then, happy hating!