Humpday Hater Report 1-23-13

By Mike Wilson; Jan 23, 12:25 PM

The LA Kings, Rockford IceHogs, NBC, and, what’s this? A new segment? .....maaaaybe. All inside this week’s Humpday Hater Report.

Isles Claim Brian Strait

By Joshua Neal; Jan 18, 05:36 PM

Brian’s headed to Brooklyn.

Introducing "Fisticuffs Friday"

By Joshua Neal; Jan 18, 12:56 PM

Fighting has always had its place in the league. Now it’s got its place in this blog. Welcome to “Fisticuffs Friday,” where the points are made up but the pain is real.

Humpday Hater Report 1-16-13

By Mike Wilson; Jan 16, 11:03 AM

Find out how Ilya Kovalchuk, Scott Gomez, Wade Redden, and Roberto Luongo make appearances in this week’s HHR before the season has even started.

Hockey Is Back, And It Feels Great!

By Matt Paul; Jan 13, 10:20 PM

Training camps around the NHL broke today and the long vacant arenas once again were bustling with drills and scrimmages.

What's Taking So Long?

By Matt Paul; Jan 9, 09:22 PM

Don’t get me wrong — I’m grateful of the knowledge that hockey will be back, but why is the process taking so long?

Humpday Hater Report 1-9-13

By Mike Wilson; Jan 9, 10:17 AM

The Dallas Cowboys, Israel Gutierrez, Beards, and, yep, Gary Bettman, all make the list this week. See who else is hatin’ this week!

Five Moves you may have forgotten

By Adelyn Biedenbach; Jan 8, 03:09 PM

And one you probably did not.

I Will Be Sitting At The Table; Will You?

By Contributing Writers; Jan 7, 09:37 PM

You hear that, hockey fans? That’s the sound of the NHL dinner bell. Food will be on the table shortly.

Lacing Up: It's About Time

By Matt Paul; Jan 7, 03:27 AM

We’ve been waiting along time to hear good news regarding the NHL lockout, often wondering if the news ever would come. Well, yesterday it did, and hockey is on the horizon. In this email conversation between Joshua Neal and myself, we’ll discuss what’s to come, as well as the incompetence of those in charge of the NHL and the NHLPA.

A Deal Has Been Reached

By Matt Paul; Jan 6, 10:19 AM

According to, a “framework” to complete the CBA has been agreed upon after 16 hours of negotiations.

New Proposal From NHL Could Be The Last Straw

By Matt Paul; Dec 28, 01:44 PM

With just over two weeks before what many are calling the “drop dead date,” Gary Bettman and the NHL owners have extended an olive branch to Donald Fehr and the NHLPA.

Humpday Hater Report, 12-27-12

By Mike Wilson; Dec 27, 11:18 AM

I’ll visit a lot of WJC topics this week, as well as those damaged by the NHL’s lockout. Much, much more in this week’s Humpday Hater Report.

5 More Ways the NHL can get fans back after the lockout

By Nick Vucic; Dec 25, 02:03 PM

In 2005, when the NHL finally returned, fans had many new incentives to return to watch the game that missed a season. Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, and a revitalized on-ice product all helped grow hockey fandom to new levels. If the NHL is set to return this season or next season, it will be desperately lacking in shiny new toys to help bring back scorned fans, as well as draw in new fans.

NHL VP Daly: There Will Be Hockey This Season

By Matt Paul; Dec 19, 10:20 PM

You read that right, folks. Details inside.

Humpday Hater Report 12-19-12

By Mike Wilson; Dec 19, 10:38 AM

Sean Avery, P.K. Subban, Joffrey Lupul, and a whole bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo highlight this week’s list.

Recent Developments Akin To Playground Bickering

By Matt Paul; Dec 15, 12:58 PM

Two idiots don’t equal a genius.

Lacing Up: Where Who Gets What??

By Joshua Neal; Dec 12, 06:16 PM

As a relatively disgruntled but painfully loyal hockey fan, I pay the extra monthly charge to be able to watch the NHL Network on a daily basis. I’ve seen the station’s self-promotion enough to know the slogan by heart. The NHL Network claims to be “Where the NHL gets Hockey.” So, if the NHL isn’t getting us hockey right now, shouldn’t the NHL Network be keeping us updated on when they can return to their original mission statement? One would think…

Humpday Hater Report: 12-12-12

By Mike Wilson; Dec 12, 10:32 AM

We’re back in business! There’s plenty of hatin’ to catch up on, so let’s get started! The Worcester Sharks, Providence College, and some stuff about the NHL lockout (perhaps you’ve heard of it), are featured in this week’s HHR!

Lacing Up: Post-lockout NHL Geography

By Joshua Neal; Dec 10, 07:25 AM

This all has to end sometime, right? And when it does, there is a key issue to be discussed when the league resumes play: division realignment. FF Blast from the Past Mike Wilson joins Matt and Josh to discuss the options. And there’s more…

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