Lockout Negotiations Take Bizarre Turn

By Jesse Marshall; Dec 7, 01:45 PM

Last night’s meltdown between the NHL and the NHLPA has left hockey fans wondering what’s next. Stop inside for a general recap of last nights debacle and a quick Q&A session with our friend and NHL economic expert Mike Colligan.

Lacing Up: Phoenix Out of the Ashes

By Joshua Neal; Dec 6, 05:51 AM

In 1995 an NHL team moved out of a hockey hotbed in Winnipeg to another kind of “hot” bed, in Phoenix. The recent news that the team will be purchased from NHL ownership by Greg Jamison is not small news in the landscape of professional hockey as a whole. That’s why Matt and I will be discussing it this week on “Lacing Up.”

"Winners" and "Losers": The Games That Have Replaced Hockey

By Joshua Neal; Nov 28, 01:13 PM

The games being played through November don’t involve sticks, pucks, or ice. These “negotiations” aren’t a contact sport, but the pain from their impacts (or lack thereof) is being felt at all levels.

Lockout Musings: It's Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

By Matt Paul; Nov 27, 10:41 PM

As I read the news last evening that government mediators were asked to step into the negotiations between the Gary Bettman-led owners and the Donald Fehr-led players, I got to thinking about some things.

Would A Shortened Season Cheapen The Stanley Cup?

By Matt Paul; Nov 21, 11:39 AM

Let me answer that question with another question: do the Pittsburgh Penguins like the Philadelphia Flyers?

Lacing Up: Gobble, Gobble

By Matt Paul; Nov 21, 07:20 AM

As we approach the ever-busy holiday season, let us not forget the oft-overlooked Thanksgiving. This morning, Joshua Neal and I discuss what we’re thankful for as 2012 inches closer to 2013.

The Best Way To Get A Deal Done?

By Matt Paul; Nov 16, 08:01 PM

As the ridiculous labor negotiations continue, it appears the NHL and Gary Bettman have cracked the age-old secret to negotiations.

Lacing Up: Forward Thinkers...The 2012 HHOF Inductees

By Joshua Neal; Nov 15, 07:38 AM

Despite the lockout, the show must go on in the world of hockey. This week, Matt Paul and I discuss this year’s inductees to the Hall of Fame and talk about what they’ve brought to the hockey table that’s here to stay.

Brooklyn: The Bridge to a fresh start for the Islanders

By Adelyn Biedenbach; Oct 24, 06:24 PM

The Islanders announced a move to Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the 2015 season.

The Lockout Continues

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 19, 01:09 AM

The NHL rejected three separate union proposals today in under a half hour. Stop in to find out why they won’t accept the one concession that they should.

Call Me Crazy, But I Can See Hockey On The Horizon

By Matt Paul; Oct 17, 11:39 PM

This evening, as I write this, I feel a sense of optimism that hasn’t existed in quite some time.

Stanley's Silver Lining?

By Joshua Neal; Oct 16, 03:04 PM

Is there something positive to take from the lockout? It may sound like a stretch, and perhaps it is, but hear me out. Penguins fans, good things could come to us as we wait.

Isn't It ironic?

By Matt Paul; Oct 1, 08:15 PM

The NHL owners have locked out players with aspirations of taking a bigger piece of the pie and the players aren’t giving in because they want to keep their pockets lined. Meanwhile, no one stands to make anything if no games are played.

Let's Play Hide The Contract

By Matt Paul; Jul 20, 11:42 AM

What are the Flyers going to do to avoid surpassing the league’s salary cap if Shea Weber ends up in Philadelphia? Don’t worry, they’ve found a way to manipulate the rules for their benefit.

Two Teams, A Defenseman and An Offersheet

By Matt Paul; Jul 19, 07:26 PM

The dog days of summer just got a bit more interesting.

Howson’s Mistake

By Matt Paul; Jul 18, 08:06 PM

Okay, so that’s a misleading headline, but if I wrote a piece on all of his mistakes, we’d be here for a good while. Instead, we’ll focus on his most recent mistake involving the now infamous “Rick Nash Sweepstakes,” which interestingly have strong ties to the Pittsburgh Penguins, but not in a way you might think.

Free Agent Frenzy - Updating Mini Blog

By Michael Farkas; Jul 5, 02:38 PM

An updated mini-blog that keeps tabs on the free agent frenzy.

Parise, Suter Planning To Sign Together?

By Matt Paul; Jul 4, 12:06 PM

Various reports have surfaced that suggest the drawn out decision from these two top-notch free agents could be a result of them trying to sign with the same team.

Parise Is Entitled To Take His Time

By Matt Paul; Jul 2, 10:35 PM

Zach Parise, the most highly coveted free agent in the 2012 class, has spent less than two days reviewing contract offers, listening to sales pitches, discussing options with family and friends, and pondering the rest of his career — and the media is upset that he’s taking too long?

Free Agency Quick Guide

By Michael Farkas; Jul 1, 09:36 AM

A ranking of the best forwards, defensemen, and goaltenders available with a description of each player’s pros and cons.

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