Where Will The Free Agents Sign?

By Matt Paul; Jun 28, 10:07 PM

We’re all used to hearing from the so called experts about where free agents will sign, but here at FF, we want to know where you think they will sign. Read on, and more importantly, throw out your predictions!

A Look At The Top 5 Free Agents

By Michael Farkas; Jun 27, 08:08 AM

Like “Dr. Strangelove” and “Blazing Saddles” before it, free agent day in the NHL is going to have some Slim Pickens.

Typical Scuderi

By Matt Paul; Jun 12, 08:57 PM

As if Pittsburgh Penguin fans needed more reasons to miss defenseman Rob Scuderi, last night was just another reminder.

Welcome back to the NHL, Therrien

By Matt Paul; Jun 5, 10:10 PM

Ditching his role as a scout for Minnesota Wild, Therrien will return to the team that gave him his first NHL coaching gig.

Once a Garage League, Always a Garage League

By Mike Adams; Mar 20, 08:38 AM

Mario’s comment rings true decades later.

Trade Deadline Winners/Losers

By Contributing Writers; Feb 29, 09:58 AM

Our mystery Faceoff-Factor contributor stops by to expound on the trade deadline and give his winners and losers for one of the biggest days of the year.

Trade Deadline: That's A Wrap

By Michael Farkas; Feb 28, 10:17 AM

With popcorn bowls thoroughly emptied, F5 keys permanently indented and an irreplaceable sick day burned for trade deadline day 2012, many fans are left with a touch of disappointment as few teams sprung into action on Monday afternoon.

Trade Deadline 2012

By Doug Graham; Feb 27, 02:58 PM

Trade Deadline 2012

Rumor Round-Up: A Preview Of Today

By Michael Farkas; Feb 27, 08:57 AM

With just mere hours remaining until the Christmas-Eve-night-like anxiousness actualizes into Deadline Day 2012, many teams are still pensively kicking tires and browsing inventory.

Some Dominoes Begin To Fall

By Matt Paul; Feb 25, 09:45 AM

Dustin Brown is off the trade market, as is Ales Hemsky, and Marek Zidlicky finally found his new home.

Rumor Round Up, Second Edition

By Michael Farkas; Feb 23, 08:35 AM

As the proverbial dominoes begin to tumble and the hoopla surrounding the NHL’s annual trade deadline kicks off, it is important to re-evaluate the marketplace as it becomes thinner and thinner for last minute shoppers.

Rumor Round-up

By Michael Farkas; Feb 20, 08:51 PM

With the excitement of the NHL Trade Deadline upon us again, we take a look at the ever-prevalent rumors floating about the league.

Suspension Should Include All Star Game

By Matt Paul; Jan 23, 08:54 PM

With news that Alex Ovechkin has been suspended for three games comes the follow-up question: why is he permitted to skate in the All Star Game this weekend?

You Make the Call: Kronwall on Kesler

By Jesse Marshall; Dec 22, 09:18 AM

This one is tricky.

Lacing Up: Getting a read on realignment

By Zach Boslett; Dec 19, 01:34 AM

New Faceoff Factor writer Chris Mack joins me to discuss the realignment plan going into action next season in the NHL.

You Make The Call: Stewart on Kronwall

By Jesse Marshall; Nov 16, 09:22 AM

Last night’s tilt between the Blues and the Red Wings featured a rather ugly incident in which, surprisingly, Kronwall played victim rather than perpetrator.

You Make The Call: Lucic on Miller

By Jesse Marshall; Nov 14, 10:19 AM

Ryan Miller is out with a concussion courtesy of this hit from Milan Lucic. Stop inside and play the part of Brendan Shanahan on this incident.

Isle's Kabanov disallusioned with the NHL

By Zach Boslett; Oct 12, 05:33 AM

Kabanov has been kicked out of the KHL, cut from the NHL, ineligible for the QMJHL, and not allowed to play for the AHL... and he’s complaining. Read more inside!

2011-2012 NHL Predictions

By Nick Vucic; Oct 5, 10:18 AM

Some people love to make predictions and I am definitely one of those people. Last year, I predicted that the San Jose Sharks would meet the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Finals, with the Capitals emerging victorious. Somehow I was wrong. Weird, huh? So here’s what I’m thinking happens in the 2011-2012 NHL Season.

You Make The Call: Smith on Smith

By Jesse Marshall; Sep 29, 09:00 AM

Brendan Shanahan, in the midst of an alarmingly busy preseason, now has another judgment call to make.


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