Well, day one went about as expected, with the three more respected teams beating up on their lesser-known opponents.

Day two could be a bit different, as a big rivalry game between the Czech Republic and Slovakia will cap things off.

Today’s Schedule

  • Finland vs. Belarus – 3:00 pm EST on MSNBC
  • Sweden vs. Germany – 7:30 pm EST on CNBC
  • Czech Republic vs. Slovakia – 11:55 p.m on CNBC

Yesterday’s Results

USA defeats Switzerland 3-1

  • USA Goals: B. Ryan, D. Backes, R. Malone
  • Switzerland Goals: R. Wick

  • Quote from Ryan Malone: “It was great. The whole thing was fun to watch. The guys were making plays, taking bodies, and we’re hopefully going to keep improving as we go. You could feel there was a lot of pride out there.”

Canada defeats Norway 8-0

  • Canada Goals: J. Iginla (3), D. Heatley (2), M. Richards, R. Getzlaf, C. Perry
  • Norway Goals: NA

  • Quote from Sidney Crosby following his three-assist night: “It’s something to build on, for all of us. We’ll see what happens, where we go, but it’s really nice to get that first one.”

Russia defeats Latvia 8-2

  • Russia Goals: A. Ovechkin (2), D. Zaripov (2), A. Radulov, E. Malkin, I. Kovalchuk, A. Morozov
  • Norway Goals: H. Vasiljevs, G. Ankipans

  • Quote from Evgeni Malkin: “The whole team played really well. We have a great line, we played hard, and it was a really good start.”

Crucial Link

  • Dejan Kovacevic: At The Olympics. Kovacevic does a liveblog for each game, then seeks out Penguins and ex-Penguins for post-game interviews. I highly recommend following his first-hand blog.

Mask Controversy

A bit of a controversy emerged yesterday, as Team USA goaltenders were told to cover up slogans perceived as “propaganda” by the Olympic committee.

Now hidden are Jonathan Qucik’s “Support Our Troops” and Ryan Miller’s “Miller Time.”

The committee, however, approved an appeal from Miller to keep “Matt Man” on the back of his helmet. The two words in an understated font are a tribute to Miller’s cousin, Matt Miller, who died of leukemia in 2007.

“It really comes down to, I respect the rules here and it’s not a big deal,” said Miller, according to the CTV Olympics web site. “There’s really nothing corporate, nothing that I’m trying to sell. It’s nothing more than to honour my cousin.”

Slovakia Carries Injuries Into Tonight’s Game

What should have been a relatively even matchup could tilt in the favor of the Czech Republic as Slovakia battles several key injuries.

CTV Olympics is reporting Marian Hossa, Marian Gaborik, and Miroslav Satan all are likely to sit out tonight.

Gaborik remains out with a severe cut just above his knee suffered last Tuesday when he collided with teammate Henrik Lundqvist. His return is close.

Hossa, meanwhile, is in a more precarious situation. After being “knocked out” Saturday in an NHL game, he’ll need medical clearance before returning to the ice.

Satan has a heavily bandaged hand after suffering injury Thursday in an NHL game. There is no timeframe for Satan’s return

Backes Making Threats?

Kevin Allen is reporting that Switzerland player Julien Sprunger accused Team USA forward David Backes of threatening to re-injure his neck.

Backes, who last spring made the hit that was the cause of the initial neck injury, denied the allegations.

“No, I was pretty distraught that it happened the first time. You don’t want to hurt anybody. It was a hard finished check.”