My apologies for no report yesterday. I had the majority of this report written Thursday evening and had intended to finish and publish yesterday morning upon arriving at work.

Good plan, right? Wrong. When I got to work, I found out our server was down, leaving me with no internet or email access.

So, there sat my report, waiting to be published. For the sake of avoiding letting my work go for not, have a look at what was to be published yesterday.

On deck is an abbreviated report for today, Saturday.

Friday’s Schedule

  • Belarus vs. Sweden – 3:00 pm EST on MSNBC, RDS, SNET
  • Czech Republic vs. Latvia – 7:30 pm EST on CNBC, SNET
  • Finland vs. Germany – 11:55 pm EST on MSNBC, V, CTV

Thursday’s Results

USA defeats Norway 6-1

  • USA Goals: P. Kessel, C. Drury, P. Kane, R. Malone, B. Rafalski 2 (PP, EV)
  • Norway Goals: M. Holtet (SH)

  • Quote from Brooks Orpik: “I don’t know if it was our focus or just our timing. They seemed to sit back and trap in the first period, then came out more aggressively in the second and kind of caught us by surprise. But it was a good way to finish, especially going into the Canada game.”

Canada defeats Switzerland 3-2 (SO)

  • Canada Goals: D. Heatley, P. Marleau, S. Crosby (SO)
  • Switzerland Goals: I. Ruthemann, P. Von Gunten

Russia defeats Slovakia

  • Russia Goals: A. Morozov
  • Slovakia Goals: Marian Hossa, P. Demitra (SO)

Crucial Link

  • Dejan Kovacevic: At The Olympics. Kovacevic does a liveblog for each game, then seeks out Penguins and ex-Penguins for post-game interviews. I highly recommend following his first-hand blog.

Obligatory NBC Hate

Another day, another late start for a hockey game, which saw it’s coverage interrupted for a third consecutive time so CNBC could bring you a another Team USA curling loss.

Fleury In Uniform

He may not have seen any action, but Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury suited up as Team Canada’s backup last night.

If memory serves me correctly, a player must dress for at least one game in order to be eligible for a medal, should his team win one.

Ovechkin Shows His Maturity Immaturity

Alex Ovechkin, thus far, has earned a free pass for the most part, despite his showboating antics, his tendency to throw dirty hits, and his unwillingness to play defense.

But Ovechkin’s most recent stunt could just be the straw the breaks the camel’s back.

According to ESPN’s Scott Burnside, Ovechkin has alienated all media members but those from his native Russia.

He writes: “Blowing off reporters in the mixed zone in general, as he did after Tuesday’s 8-2 romp over Latvia, or tossing off a couple of half-hearted answers in the days leading up to the tournament and then declining to come to the main hockey venue Wednesday makes Ovechkin look like a child. It also makes his supposed passion for the Olympics in Sochi appear contrived and self-serving.”

Bettman, Fasel Hold Press Conference Regarding Sochi 2014

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has threatened to prevent NHL players from participating in the 2014 Olympics scheduled to be held in Sochi, Russia.

Several players, Ovechkin and Sergei Gonchar among them, have declared that, despite Bettman’s ruling, they will play in the games.

Today, Bettman held a joint press conference with International Ice Hockey Federation president Rene Fasel regarding the issue. And, while no decision as been made, Pierre Lebrun of ESPN had the following to say:

“I asked Fasel how much of a personal failure on his part it was that the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, the NHL and the NHLPA still haven’t ironed out their issues regarding a player transfer agreement, which remains nonexistent. Fasel conceded frustration in the matter but promised he eventually will bring the sides together and find a resolution to the long-standing dispute between them. It was a strong statement, and I credit Fasel for that. But I’m not confident Russia and the NHL will ever see eye to eye.”