You know what they say? When you have nothing to write about, you do one of these “stream of consciousness” columns.

Is it just me, or is it really hard to get interested in the Stanley Cup Final? I guess it’s a product of the Pens having been there the last couple years. The only thing even remotely holding my interest is the chance to root against the Flyers.

Seeing Jonathan Toews play these last couple weeks convinces me more than ever that Jordan Staal was a poor choice by Ray Shero. You take the best player available. Both Nicklas Backstrom and Toews would have been a far wiser choice than Staal, especially Toews. He is essentially a more talented Jordan Staal.

Who says you need a good goalie to make the Final? You need good goaltending, not a good goalie. Both Michael Leighton and Antti Niemi provided that. Well, at least until Game 1. Both played well last night, though.

The Pens did not sign Nathan Moon. That leaves nothing from the top four rounds in 2008. Well, those traded picks got them to the Cup Final, which then helped them win the next year.

I cannot see the Pens resigning Sergei Gonchar. Some team on the rise will give him what he wants. But, for the Pens, signing fading guys with little left in the tank to inflated contracts is not the way to manage the cap wisely.

I read last week they still have interest in Alex Ponikarovsky. Has Shero gone mad? Well, not totally. He all but said goodbye to Ruslan Fedotenko.

When was the last time the Penguins drafted a quality winger? Just asking. Oh, there was Matt Moulson. Let’s not go there…

Who is this Mattias Modig the Pens traded for? Did they just trade for him to entice Johan Fransson to come play in the Burgh? They both play for Lulea in the Swedish Elite league. Fransson sounds like a decent prospect, but another guy in the mold of what they already have too much of. He’s a puck-moving defensemen.

Did anyone else get totally creeped out the other night when, after interviewing Dustin Byfuglien, Regis McGuire closed by saying “Big Buff,” in this weird voice? I’m at work so I can’t find a Youtube clip. Post it if you have it.

A match made in heaven. t looks like McGuire and Glenn Healy are stuck with each other between the benches. Healy looked like he was about to vomit after Game 2. I know the feeling, Glenn.

So Jacques Lemaire told Devils players they were scratched via text message? A true, true, Ruiner of Hockey. Good riddance, Jacques. The game will be better without you.

I was watching one of those Vintage Games things on NHL Network yesterday. It was Habs versus Flames from 1989. A very young-looking Pat Burns was coaching Montreal. Godspeed to you, Pat, and may you win your battle with cancer.

Apparently, Shero thinks all his assistant coaches are doing a good job. Funny how the power play and defensemen play sucked all year. Gee, I don’t know who’s responsible for both.

Wasn’t that a beautiful hit Dan Carcillo put on Jeff Carter last night? Boy, I am so glad that clown isn’t a Penguin. I notice he rarely saw the ice after the first period. Peter Laviolette knew he was a stupid penalty just waiting to happen.

How did the Pens lose to Montreal? I still can’t figure that one out. Wait, yes I can. For two rounds, everything Montreal shot went in. That ended against Philly, and not because of good goaltending. Their luck just ran out.

How can any true Penguin fan root for Philly? They are, and always have been, a despicable organization and the Pens’ chief rival. There is no way my hatred of Hossa can overrule that. And, in fact, I’ve let the Hossa thing go. Why worry about it?