Seth Rorabaugh of Empty Netters is, for reasons unknown, at risk of having his blog shut down.

Empty Netters is a fantastic and informative blog. Even if you don’t read it (and you should) check out the e-mail he sent to The Pensblog and do what you can.

Please be respectful in your e-mails.

No sense in making this overly dramatic. I’ll get to the point.

Empty Netters might be on its last legs. I’m scheduled to have a meeting Monday with editors at the Post-Gazette regarding the future of the blog.

I won’t get into details as to why we’ve arrived at this point. I’m not sure I have all the answers to be honest.

Regardless, and this is where I ask for your help.

Please contact any or all of the following editors at the Post-Gazette and let them know your feelings – positive or negative – about Empty Netters.

David Shribman, Vice President and Executive Editor ( or 412-263-1890.)
Susan Smith, Managing Editor ( You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 412-263-1858.)
Mary Leonard, Deputy Managing Editor ( or 412-263-0443)
Jerry Micco, Assitant Managing Editor/Sports ( or 412-263-1890)

Please be respectful when you contact these people. They have given me an amazing opportunity to create this blog and have allowed me nothing but freedom to write it as I please from day 1.

I can’t guarantee this will change anything in the end, but at the very least, I want you to have an avenue to be heard. Ultimately, your voice is far more important than either mine or my editors’.

Thank you. And fire Ray Shero.

Seth Rorabaugh

The Pittsburgh Hockey community is made strong by sites like Empty Netters. Take a moment and make your voice heard.

We wish Seth the best of luck.