The United States improved to 2-0 in World Junior play last night with an impressive 6-1 victory over Slovakia.

The Americans looked good in all facets of the game, but when it was all over, fans of the U.S. hockey program left with a bad taste in their mouths.

With six minutes to play in a blowout hockey game, Martin Marincin put a hit on U.S. forward Jason Zucker that left the young star unable to leave the ice under his own recognizance.

The hit was a combination of both late and a shot to the head. It was egregious in every sense of the word.

However, with recaps playing all over the U.S. and Canada of yesterdays action, there hasn’t been a single mention of what happened to Jason Zucker.

On TSN’s recap of the game, they did not show or mention the incident.

Wouldn’t you want to highlight this? Not to celebrate the injury of a great young player, but to bring this type of thing to the forefront and drive home how unnecessary this is.

Simply put, this type of play has no place in the game of hockey. None. This is what gives the sport a bad name.

Rather than bring this incident to the masses, TSN has downright refused to mention this in any fashion whatsoever.

I can’t figure out if that’s anti-American bias or redundant stupidity.