Capitals owner Ted Leonsis (rightly, for the most part) takes a lot of heat from Penguin fans. Who can forget him barring fans from the 412 area code from buying tickets to a playoff series? or some of his outrageous statements about his team having arrived?

But, apparently, he does have a classy side after all. Check out his latest blog over at Ted’s Take. it is his summation of the whole Winter Classic experience. It’s mostly about how it affected the Caps, but he also throws props the Pens’ way, too

HBO showed there are truly no bad guys. The Penguins and the Capitals are all nice folks with intense competitiveness. They both play a great game with passion. Two teams that want to win; want to support the NHL; and want to do their best for their fan base.”

“We get to watch the final installment on Wednesday. It will be epic. Turnabout is fair play.

“It will show how classy and how competitive the two teams are. It will spotlight a great American city in Pittsburgh, a great sports town. Fantastic hosts. We are grateful. We can only hope to host a Winter Classic in our city as well as Pittsburgh did in their great city! The bar is set high.”

I’m sure this was truly a wonderful experience for all involved. But now, as he says, it’s back to true reality, with the real season restarting tonight. Wouldn’t it be epic if these two teams were to meet again in the conference finals?

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