This week we’re taking a look at a few guys that are putting up monster points at the CHL level this season.

These players have a knack for producing big time offense. While other aspects of their game may need work, they have potential to evolve into game breakers at the next level.

Ryan Strome – C – Niagara (OHL) – 5’11 – 160lbs. – Shoots R – July 11, 1993

Strome isn’t the biggest forward on the ice, but it’s difficult to find guys that can score at a 100 point clip at his level. The current #3 overall scorer at the OHL level has a large bag of weapons at his disposal. Strome has a hard, accurate, and patient wrist shot, his slap shot is powerful and violent, and he can control the puck like it’s magnetized to his stick. That being said, Strome has some work to do. Not only can he have a one track mind offensively, but he needs to get a little size to be more effective in high traffic areas. When it comes to offense, however, Strome is extremely effective and might be one of the more patient powerhouses on this list.

2010/2011 Stats: 60GP – 30G – 69A – 99Pts

Stefan Noesen – RW – Plymouth (OHL) – 6’1 – 193lbs. – Shoots R – Feb. 12 1993

You won’t find Stefan Noesen (pronounced NAY-sen) on most top 30 lists, and that’s a true shame. Noesen has proved himself a top 30 talent this year, and while he might not be the best skater in the league, Noesen brings a scoring touch and tenacity that puts him a step ahead of the competition. Noesen loves the front of the net. He’s deflected a ton of goals in this year, and has been using his size to his advantage down low. Perhaps the most underrated aspect of his game is his heads up shooting style. Noesen comes at you in waves. Each shift is a new wave. He is relentless on the puck and put his mark on the score sheet this year to prove it.

2010/11 Stats: 63GP – 32G – 42A – 74Pts

Sven Bartschi – LW – Portland (WHL) – 5’10 – 185lbs. – Shoots L – Oct. 5, 1992

I’ll start the section on Bartschi by saying that some mock drafts are starting to entertain the idea that he’ll be available for the Penguins. In our dreams, maybe. Bartschi is likely to go in the top 15, and for good reason. The #14 scorer in the WHL has the hands and shot to be lethal at the next level. When you can snipe and dangle, it doesn’t always matter how big you are. Bartschi has the attitude of a 6’1 power forward. He may not be as nasty as some of his peers, but he’s tough to go against and brings it on every shift. He’s playing on a talented Portland team, but he also has a massive hand in what goes on with the Winterhawks. Check out the video below to get an idea of how the dangle ability that Bartschi brings to the rink.

2010/11 Stats: 61GP – 30G – 51A – 81Pts

Jonathan Huberdeau – C – Saint John (QMJHL) – 6’1 – 155lbs. – Shoots L – June 4, 1993.

There isn’t a more exciting forward playing hockey in the CHL. I know that’s a bold statement, but when you watch what Jonathan Huberdeau can do with the puck, you’ll be absolutely astounded. He’s sneaking up the draft rankings, and rightfully so, this 17 year old is as good as it gets one on one and in traffic. In terms of dangle ability, there might not be a better player in the draft. Huberdeau is a human highlight reel. His skating isn’t the best, but his lower body strength and core strength is such that he’s difficult to knock around with the puck in stride. His defensive game is solid, but could use more work, and he skates with his head down quite a bit. If he doesn’t correct that, he could end up in a bad place one day. But sit back and enjoy these clips, some of these goals will make you wonder how he was able to pull goals like this off with seemingly no effort.

2010/11 Stats: 61GP – 38G – 58A – 96Pts