Many of you may have been around last year when Michael Farkas inaugurated the Faceoff Factor trade deadline liveblog. If not then, you may have been around for Farkas’ free agency liveblog on July 1.

If so, you know what to expect: up-to-the-second updates of trades, signings and waiver claims beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending when the trades end.

For those new to the process, note this: Farkas works the phones all day and frequently breaks news of trades before large media outlets, such as TSN, ESPN, and Sportnet.

This year, we’ll add a few new elements.

  • Farkas now not only will update live with each transaction, but he’ll give his opinion as to who “won” in a trade, or if each signing or waiver claim is good or bad for a team.
  • In addition to Farkas’ liveblog, Zach Boslett and I will be updating regularly with in-depth stories of big trades (giving more information than we can fit in a table format in the liveblog) and rumors.

Needless to say, this is your one-stop shop for everything trade deadline.