As a way to provide further analysis on the prospects in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, we at FF are developing a new section devoted specifically to ranking and profiling the team’s prospects.

In this section, several FF writers will combine their knowledge to create a system to determine organizational prospect rankings.

Once these rankings are complete, we will begin writing complete profiles for each prospect, including brief biographies, strengths/weaknesses, career projections, career highlights, current status, and more.

Our goal is to update each profile at least twice per year, or as needed.

While this is a project that can and will take some time, we feel the final product will give our readers a strong understanding of those in the pipeline.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to speak your mind in the comments section below! As always, we’re doing this for our readers, so we want to know what you think.


If you have taken pictures or videos of any of the Penguins’ prospects and would like to donate them to FF, please let us know. We would love to share them with our thousands of daily readers — and you will be credited!