Pittsburgh Penguins training camp is upon us, and Faceoff Factor is set to publish a nine-part package to preview the camp and the season ahead tonight at 10 EST.

Included will be individual stories on the following:

Part 1: Training camp preview by Matt Bodenschatz. What is the schedule, who will be attending?

Part 2: Pittsburgh Penguins team review by Michael Farkas. A look into possible line combinations and positions up for grabs.

Part 3: The Baby Penguins plan by Kyle Dreibelbies. An introduction of the new faces on the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins roster.

Part 4: Juniors players who have a shot by Jesse Marshall. The new faces from the CHL, including first round pick Angelo Esposito.

Part 5: NCAA players moving up by Andrew Chiappazzi. A review of all former college players invited to training camp, including new and old faces.

Part 6: Fantasy values by Adam Jennings. The scoop on fantasy hockey values for those on the Penguins roster.

Part 7: An ode to training camp, by CJ “Stoosh” Jiuliante. A look at training camp now, compared to then, as well as a comparison to Pittsburgh Steelers camp.

Part 8: Jobbers by a popular Penguins blogger (does The Pens Blog sound familiar?). A humorous look into the fourth liners and those fighting for a spot on the team.

Part 9: The wild card by another popular Pittsburgh blogger (we won’t mention that he is from Doubt About It). A humorous preview of the 2007 season, narrated in the style of old-school sports montages.

So if this sounds interesting to you, be sure to check back Thursday night at 10 for the debut of what we hope will become an annual package. Tell your friends.