As anyone who plays hockey knows, ice skates are the foundation of the game, enhancing (or in some cases limiting) a player’s speed, quickness, agility, and ability to turn and stop on a dime.

It’s no surprise then, that Mario Lemieux, Hall of Famer and owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, has chosen MLX as his skate of choice.

“The speed of the game has increased every year and skating has become more than just an asset to any player—it’s a way to get noticed. Having the right equipment gives a player that needed edge, which is why I support the ideas and concepts behind this product and company,” he said of the custom made hockey skates.

Now, as a one-time offer, Faceoff Factor has been given the opportunity to give away a new pair of $800 high performance skates to one lucky reader!

So how can you be that lucky person?

Simply comment below, indicating why you want or need the MLX skates. In conjunction with MLX, we will select the winner next Wednesday, May 18, 2011.

Don’t miss out!

To learn more about hot to customize hockey skates, visit the MLX web site today!

Update: Faceoff-Factor and MLX have chosen a winner of the contest. Congratulations to George Pavlic!