When Doug Graham joined the Faceoff-Factor team, he promised to provide us with a fresh new look, new interactive features, and more accessibility.

Today, Doug introduces the newest in his line of updates intended to make FF a more user-friendly and user-interactive experience.

Below, you’ll find a new Disqus comment system, which requires users to log in in prior to commenting. The good news is, we won’t require users to create an account with FF, but rather log in using a social networking account or an email account — or simply sign up for a Disqus account.

By using Disqus, we’ll be able to monitor comments, allowing for popular stories to remain visible on the front of FF. Disqus also makes it easier to share content and monitor comments for replies.

In short, we think this will make FF more of a discussion-friendly site — which is what we’ve hoped to accomplish all along.

Please take some time to test our new system. Get a feel for whether or not you like it. And, most importantly, let us know what you think. This feature is for you, the reader/commenter, so if it doesn’t fly with you, it won’t fly with us.