With the the 2011-2012 NHL season at hand, we will be rolling out a fresh new design for Faceoff-Factor.

Prep work on the new design started as soon as the Lightning eliminated the Penguins last season. The majority of the work was done back in July. In early August I previewed it to Jesse and Matt. Since then Matt and I have gone back and forth and have made many adjustments along the way.

The new design is not the end of the road. It is simply the next step in the evolution of Faceoff-Factor. We will continue to grow the site with new features to compliment our talented writing staff.

What will change for the readers?

Hopefully you’ll have a better experience on the site. We understand that you are here for our excellent writers. Not some flashy visuals or gimmicks.

The main goal of the redesign was to make articles easier to read and easier to find the content that is of interest to you.

What will change for the writers?

Not much. But writers will now be able to associate title pictures with articles. This will add some flavor and visual flair to the article titles on the site’s main page.

I will be emailing out info to all Faceoff-Factor writers with additional info.

Some of what you can expect…

- Updated visuals to make reading easier

- New Penguin schedule system

- Updated Faceoff-Factor logo

- New Faceoff-Factor alternate logo

- Twitter integration with Faceoff-Factor staff

Want a preview?

When does the new design go into effect?

I’m shooting to launch the redesign weekend. But I’ve got a web designers conference I need to attend on Saturday. Hopefully that won’t get in the way. If nothing else, the new design will be in effect by the time the Penguins take to the ice in Vancouver on Oct. 6th.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am. I’ve put a lot of work into this over the summer. I hope you will be as pleased with the result as I am. Please feel free to leave comments.