We Remember - 9/11/01

By Matt Paul; Sep 11, 10:12 AM

To everyone who lost their lives, their loved ones, and/or their friends on this horrific day nine years ago, we will not forget.

FF Fantasy Hockey League - Important Notice

By Matt Paul; Sep 10, 01:53 PM

As of today, Friday, September 10, 5 managers have yet to join the league on ESPN. You have until the end of the day tomorrow, Saturday, September 11 to do so. I want the league to get started with a draft in the next week or so, and that requires full participation.

FF Welcomes Mogens "Moq" Larsen

By Matt Paul; Jul 1, 09:21 AM

With a significantly smaller staff than FF has been accustomed to over the years, we have sought the contributions of regular commenter “Moq” to help us on a temporary basis during the free agency period as he enjoys a few weeks of vacation.

FF Writer To Move On

By Matt Paul; Jun 30, 03:12 PM

Eric Politowski has decided to leave Faceoff-Factor after more than two years. The FF staff would like to thank Eric and wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.

Two-Week Hiatus

By Matt Paul; May 20, 01:40 PM

With the playoffs behind us and the draft and free agency in the not so distant future, I’ll be taking the next two weeks off from Faceoff-Factor.

Jesse Marshall Discusses Penguins On Podcast

By Matt Paul; May 19, 09:42 AM

Jesse Marshall joined Frank Murgia of Talent News Network to talk hockey, and more specifically, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

No Grades Today

By Mike Adams; May 5, 09:20 AM

Once again, work is impeding upon my ability to do my real job—entertaining you. Suffice it to say, though, a very impressive performance by the pens last night. great defense, game-stealing goaltending, and a timely power play goal. Just a tremendous effort all the way around. Grades will return Friday.

During the Olympic Break

By Matt Paul; Feb 15, 11:55 AM

Have a look-see at FF’s itinerary for the coming two weeks…

Happy New Year

By Matt Paul; Dec 31, 11:31 PM

To all FF faithful and to those who happened to stumble upon FF during this holiday, we would like to wish you a very safe and happy New Year!

And may 2010 bring us another Stanley Cup!

Merry Christmas

By Matt Paul; Dec 24, 12:47 PM

From everyone at Faceoff Factor to all of our readers, a very safe and Merry Christmas!

FF Sponsors "Rock And Comedy For A Cure"

By Matt Paul; Dec 1, 02:36 PM

Don’t miss a great opportunity to combine your love for rock music and comedians with the great feeling of giving back!

Happy Thanksgiving

By Matt Paul; Nov 26, 09:53 AM

We at FF would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Apologies For Minimail Content

By Matt Paul; Nov 5, 09:34 AM

I would like to apologize to all of FF’s faithful readers for our lack of original content since the start of the season.

Apologies For Lack Of Updates

By Matt Paul; Sep 17, 09:02 AM

Things should begin to pick up within a week or so.

Ashley Gallant: You Will Be Missed

By Matt Paul; Aug 16, 09:40 PM

Tonight, I write this to inform the FF community of extremely sad news that some here already know.

Prospects Section Coming To FF

By Matt Paul; Jul 23, 11:39 AM

As a way to provide further analysis on the prospects in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, we at FF are developing a new section devoted specifically to ranking and profiling the team’s prospects.

FF Staff Playoff Prediction Final Standings

By Matt Paul; Jun 18, 10:39 AM

See how your favorite FF writers compared to one another in predicting the playoff winners.

Apologies For The Lack Of Articles

By Matt Paul; Jun 8, 11:42 AM

On behalf of the FF staff, I would like to apologize for the lack of articles in recent days. As most know, FF is purely a hobby for everyone involved, and oftentimes life intervenes. Things should pick up later today and throughout the week.

Thanks for your patience!

A View From the Other Side - 06.04.09

By FF Staff; Jun 4, 10:40 PM

A quick summary of game 3, and a look at Detroit’s PK numbers.

FF Writer Update

By Matt Paul; Jun 1, 08:48 AM

You may have noticed that longtime Faceoff Factor writer Ashley Gallant has been conspicuous by her absence. Unfortunately, this was not her choice, as she was forced to take a break due to health problems. In Ashley’s words, “I’m still taking it all one day at a time…hoping that I can get back to my normal life!”

Please keep Ashley in your thoughts and prayers!


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