Lacing Up: Kennedy The Keeper, Or Kennedy The Goner?

By Matt Paul; Jun 28, 07:18 AM

Kennedy is a frustrating player because he shows strong signs of what he can be, but often falls into prolonged stretches of invisibility or downright poor play. Can the Penguins afford to keep such a streaky bottom six player at such a steep price?

Chris Kunitz Extended Through 2017

By Brian Schaich; Jun 27, 01:42 PM

Ray Shero has locked up LW Chris Kunitz with a new contract and a modest raise. What does this mean for Pascal Dupuis?

2013 Penguins Draft Wish List

By Jesse Marshall; Jun 26, 10:37 PM

It’s next to impossible to successfully gauge who might be available when the Penguins pick at 77 overall in the 2013 NHL Draft, but stop inside to take a look at a few endorsements we have for that spot.

Humpday Hater Report 6-26-13

By Mike Wilson; Jun 26, 10:28 AM

Gary Bettman, Corey Crawford, Ilya Bryzgalov, and more, inside this week’s Humpday Hater Report.

Lacing Up: Adams and Eaton

By Matt Paul; Jun 26, 06:16 AM

Both Craig Adams and Mark Eaton are crafty veteran role players who helped the Penguins win the Stanley Cup in 2009. They’ve lost a step or two, but at near-league-minimum salaries, both can be considered bargains for the 2013 shortened season. But will they be replaced by younger players with more of a future?

Lacing Up: The Futures of M&M

By Matt Paul; Jun 24, 06:21 AM

Morrow and Murray were trade deadline acquisitions brought in to provide leadership and grit. Both were successful in these areas, but also contributed significantly to reducing the overall speed of the Penguins.

Ray Shero Won't Be Building Team USA

By Brian Schaich; Jun 22, 10:33 AM

David Poile was named general manager of Team USA for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Did USA Hockey make the right call, selecting Poile over 2013 GM of the Year Ray Shero?

Lacing Up: Cooke's Contract

By Matt Paul; Jun 21, 06:23 AM

Matt Cooke has had a tumultuous career with the Penguins, finding himself earning a reputation as one of the dirtiest players in the NHL. But following a 2011 suspension that kept him out of the playoffs, he was forced to change his game or lose his job. Change he did, and now he’s become one of the more valuable third liners in the game.

Humpday Hater Report 6-19-13

By Mike Wilson; Jun 19, 08:18 AM

Alex Ovechkin, the CHL, Don Cherry (sadly), and more, in this week’s Humpday Hater Report.

Lacing Up: Ig-in-la Or Ig-out-la?

By Matt Paul; Jun 19, 06:39 AM

Just three months ago, the idea of Jarome Iginla wearing the black and gold seemed like a pipe dream that would never happen. Now the Penguins are in a position to retain him, and some want him gone.

Your Letang Trade Primer

By Andrew Rothey; Jun 17, 03:18 PM

If Ray Shero cannot resign Kris Letang, he has to trade him this offseason. What teams might be interested and what can the Pens get in return?

Lacing Up: Dissecting Duper's Future

By Matt Paul; Jun 17, 07:50 AM

Pascal Dupuis has gone from trade throw-in in 2008 to one of the top potential free agents in 2013, but can the Penguins keep him?

Humpday Hater Report 6-12-13

By Mike Wilson; Jun 12, 08:46 AM

Coach swaps, Gilles Meloche, ugly logos, and more, in this week’s Humpday Hater Report.

Penguins 2013 Free Agent Rundown

By Brian Schaich; Jun 11, 02:58 PM

After a disappointed finish to the Penguins’ 2013 season, our attention turns toward the offseason. Player departures and new additions highlight every hockey fan’s summer, and this year will be no different. Inside, we take a look at the Penguins’ pending free agents.

Lacing Up: Coaching Strategies

By Matt Paul; Jun 11, 09:38 AM

Beginning today, Joshua Neal, myself, and a guest writer will begin an in-depth look at the Penguins, who have plenty of work to do this summer. First look: Dan Bylsma and the coaching staff.

Change Means Change

By Matt Paul; Jun 10, 06:24 AM

When I hear people suggest that trading Fleury would be a bad idea because “Franchise goalies don’t grow on trees” or “They won’t get a similar player back for Letang,” I shake my head.

This Offseason Could Be Unpleasant

By Matt Paul; Jun 8, 12:53 PM

It may be less than 24 hours since the Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated in embarrassing fashion by the Boston Bruins, but I’m over it. It’s time to move on.

Open Letter To Mario Lemieux

By Mike Adams; Jun 8, 10:25 AM

Tough questions for the owner.

Humpday Hater Report 6-5-13

By Mike Wilson; Jun 5, 01:00 PM

Jack Edwards, Brad Marchand, Bill O’Brien, and more, in this week’s Humpday Hater Report.

FF Telestrator: What Does Frustration Look Like?

By Jesse Marshall; Jun 4, 02:02 PM

What makes the Bruins so hard to score on once they have a lead?


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