Lacing Up: A Fantasy World of Risers and Fallers

By Matt Paul; Aug 19, 07:15 AM

This week we’re turning our attention to fantasy hockey, focusing our discussion on the risers and fallers — players who could be sleepers and players who could be disasters. To aid in our discussion, we’ve solicited Josh Endsley, FF contributor, founding member of the UPJFHL, and a fantasy hockey “expert.”

Lacing Up: Martin Joins Penguins Coaching Staff

By Joshua Neal; Aug 12, 08:25 AM

Word came down on Friday that the Penguins had made an addition to their coaching staff as we patiently trudge through the offseason. Jacques Martin is a name that has an undeniable association with hockey and coaching – but for Martin, the odd part is not that Martin will be coaching hockey again, but that it will be in an assistant’s role. It seems that he may be one of the most overqualified people in the NHL today. Martin was a head coach most notably with the Ottawa Senators and more recently, the Montreal Canadiens. So, what’s the angle?

Lacing Up: Division Discussion

By Matt Paul; Aug 7, 07:25 AM

We’re a little late on this, but sometimes we need a little time to marinate so our opinions aren’t too reactionary. Unfortunately, time didn’t influence any changes.

Mario Monday: "What a play... by Mario Lemieux."

By Jesse Marshall; Aug 5, 02:49 PM

Stop inside to take a look at this week’s Lemieux analysis on how size might have been what made Le Magnifique so magnificent.

Mario Monday: Stop The Press!

By Jesse Marshall; Jul 29, 02:43 PM

Take a look inside to re-live one of the most memorable Lemieux moments that you’ve probably never heard of.

Lacing Up: Complying With The Cap

By Matt Paul; Jul 29, 08:38 AM

It’s cap-crunch time for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who need to clear salary to get below the maximum $64.3 million. Joshua Neal and I will discuss possible solutions.

Where Does Bylsma Fit?

By Mike Adams; Jul 24, 02:29 PM

How many bad traits does Dan Bylsma have?

Mario Monday - It's All In The Wrist

By Jesse Marshall; Jul 22, 02:42 PM

Spending our dog days of summer reliving some of Mario’s memorable moments. In this segment we look at the patented Mario wrist shuffle.

D'Agostini Hoping For A Pittsburgh Resurgence

By Jesse Marshall; Jul 10, 10:23 PM

Ray Shero may have bolstered his third line with a signing that could prove to be a fantastic value based on price alone.

The Third Line Is A Good Fit For Bennett

By Matt Paul; Jul 10, 07:29 AM

Beau Bennett projects to be a fulltime winger for Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin before long. But before long might not be the beginning of the 2013-14 season, and that’s not a bad thing.

Compliments for the Captain

By Jesse Marshall; Jul 8, 02:56 PM

Step inside to take a look at the value that Chris Kunitz and Pascal Dupuis provide to the Penguins top line.

Penguins, Scuderi Reunite

By Matt Paul; Jul 5, 02:15 PM

Defenseman Rob Scuderi has returned to Pittsburgh with a new contract paying him $3.375 million per year for the next four years.

Draft Analysis: Tristan Jarry

By Jesse Marshall; Jul 1, 11:59 PM

Taking an in-depth look at a young man that could have a huge impact on the future of the Penguins crease.

Lacing Up: A Look At The Healthy Scratches

By Matt Paul; Jul 1, 07:25 AM

Neither Dustin Jeffrey nor Robert Bortuzzo played considerable time with the Penguins during the 2013 shortened season, but both players have something to offer and should have jobs in the NHL, even if the Penguins choose to move on.

2013 NHL Draft Ranking - Top 30

By Jesse Marshall; Jun 30, 10:48 AM

Stop inside to check out our annual draft ranking with specific and detailed views of the our top 30 eligible players.

Lacing Up: Kennedy The Keeper, Or Kennedy The Goner?

By Matt Paul; Jun 28, 08:18 AM

Kennedy is a frustrating player because he shows strong signs of what he can be, but often falls into prolonged stretches of invisibility or downright poor play. Can the Penguins afford to keep such a streaky bottom six player at such a steep price?

Chris Kunitz Extended Through 2017

By Brian Schaich; Jun 27, 02:42 PM

Ray Shero has locked up LW Chris Kunitz with a new contract and a modest raise. What does this mean for Pascal Dupuis?

2013 Penguins Draft Wish List

By Jesse Marshall; Jun 26, 11:37 PM

It’s next to impossible to successfully gauge who might be available when the Penguins pick at 77 overall in the 2013 NHL Draft, but stop inside to take a look at a few endorsements we have for that spot.

Humpday Hater Report 6-26-13

By Mike Wilson; Jun 26, 11:28 AM

Gary Bettman, Corey Crawford, Ilya Bryzgalov, and more, inside this week’s Humpday Hater Report.

Lacing Up: Adams and Eaton

By Matt Paul; Jun 26, 07:16 AM

Both Craig Adams and Mark Eaton are crafty veteran role players who helped the Penguins win the Stanley Cup in 2009. They’ve lost a step or two, but at near-league-minimum salaries, both can be considered bargains for the 2013 shortened season. But will they be replaced by younger players with more of a future?

Ashley Gallant